UK: Man raped by Libyan soldiers on military training: ‘They weren’t human people. They were horrendous people’

As if any rational and sane person needed a reminder? Despite the outrageous, inhumane and phylogenetically anachronistic bestial behaviors evidenced throughout the Muslim world, we must always try to keep in mind that it was American led and trained torture squads in the Latin America’s that dragged babies over barbed wire until they had no skin left on them in front of their mothers and cut off the heads of villagers leaving them on their laps at the dinner tables to scare the rest of the communities from leaving the American Way of Righteousness.

Do not doubt the beast in every mans soul, no matter how poised the pretense of civilization. The path of American led destruction, cruelty and death surpasses that of any Islamic State in absolute or relative terms, by a factor in the many, many millions of lives. But, there is something unique about the Bedouin and desert Islamic tribes that breeds an extreme debauchery and disregard for anything remotely approaching the term, civilized. Not all, but many..for it is the uniqueness of their historical familial lives, their desert survival and tribal instincts that set them apart.

It will take more than kind words or economic stimulus pouring from the idiocy of the Obama administration and the cultural relativist totally blinded, ignorant passivity to tame these beasts–it will take generations well past the the demarcation line of this century as it folds into the next.

If America and the West had simply left them evolve naturally without bombing them into the stone age, which only reinforces their historic mores, if we had not sought to impose the capitalist, consumer driven system upon them and desired to control their only resource, oil, time would, indeed have healed all wounds. Instead we have opened a never ending festering wound. We, not them, unleashed the beast.

Five Libyan soldiers jailed for night of drunken rampaging through city streets in which man was raped and four women sexually assaulted Men had been training in the UK as part of agreement to help Libya  Moktar Ali Sadd Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila convicted of raping man Ibrahim El Maarfi, Mohammed Abdalsalam, and Khaled El Azibi admitted assault of four women on same night All five were jailed and will be deported back to Libya after being released

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Source: UK: Man raped by Libyan soldiers on military training: ‘They weren’t human people. They were horrendous people’ | The Muslim Issue