UK Teachers to Tattle on Toddlers at Risk for Becoming Terrorists

precrimeCall it absurd, surreal whatever–but I call it disturbingly unsettling and dystopian. Precrime, it works…..

(Truthstream Media) Just three years ago, we found out that children in Britain as young as three could be “blacklisted” — labeled “racist” on their permanent file for such evil thought crimes as calling a fellow classmate a “broccoli head.”

When my brother was six and I was 12, he called me a “carnival head.” I always thought it was because he was being a six-year-old little brother. I never knew until today that it was because he was totally racist… You know, against… uh… theme parks??

But I digress…

Now according to a new government directive from UK’s Home Office, teachers including nursery school staff have been handed a serious “duty” to “prevent people being drawn into terrorism.”

This will include making sure school staff are trained to watch their students closely in order to “identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism and are shared by terrorist groups,” The Telegraph reported yesterday. Did I mention this includes nursery schools? I did?

You know…with all those toddlers running around sporting all those terrorist-sympathizing, extremist ideals…

Sounds totally insane, doesn’t it? Defies all logic and reason and known research on the basics of child development?

Well it is, but worse than one of Orwell’s nightmares, this is also one of those verified slippery slopes

via UK Teachers to Tattle on Toddlers at Risk for Becoming Terrorists – YouTube.