Do Unto Others As You Want Done To Yourself

Europe is still in the early stages of the wars of religion and national sovereignty. It will get far, far worse as nationalism and nation-state populism roars into 2017. The globalist elites and Soros’s plans to destroy the nations of Europe has many years to play out. It is impossible for any sentient mind to believe that the results of the massive inflows of Islamic terrorists and Muslims clamoring for the barbarism of Sharia Law would not stoke the coals of European nationalism and even Christian revolt into the flames of a conflagration that may reach proportions not seen since the Thirty Years War. A war which lasted from 1618-1648 and is considered the bloodiest war in Europe on a per capita basis ever, and by the less than honorable Henry Kissinger, as it led to the nation-state defining moment of the Peace of Westphalia, to be a worthwhile bloodbath in the progress towards One World Government.  

As with the current war that is really just beginning, the elite meme that the Thirty Years War was one driven by the religious frictions between the Catholic Church, its subservient princes and the northern Principalities under the banner of the Protestant reformation, is a fiction. It was a war for power and control. As is the well planned, and so far well executed, war unfolding in Europe. With the obvious trappings of civilizational and cultural clash between the bestial and retrograde Islamic hordes and the formerly refined Europeans, with histories that dwarf that of the Bedouin tribes that first succumbed to the scimitars of the bloodthirsty pedophile camel riding Muhammadans; the real story, the plan of the globalist, the One World elites with their front man, George Soros providing his billions is simple as well: Power and Control.

The whole plan is to create a conflagration that requires a unified European response to destroy the seeds of the Muhammadans, to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity and to impose a One State tyranny ruled by the power elites of Europe and America. Call it Oceania or Eurasia, call it the EU or whatever one likes, but the seeds of the destruction of Europe are now well rooted. Brexit and the rebellions on the Continent to unfold this year, are not so simply observed as the end of the unification project, but a side road that will still be manipulated towards the same end. 

In the still embryonic war, there is zero chance that the resolution of the internal conflict between the Muslims and the Europeans will not lead to far more terror, far more death and destruction than anything we have yet seen. The masses have been led to their own destruction and servitude, not necessarily Dhimmitude, by the most effective memes and generational propaganda campaign ever devised by the, the heirs of Adam Weishaupt, Cecil Rhodes, the Tavistock Institute and the elites that spawned them and also that were birthed by them. The total disregard for logic and rational thought of the progressives and cultural Marxists in Europe and even here in the United States, the clear insanity of it all and the impregnability of their absurdist ideology is testament to the success of the grand plan, despite what may appear as its current perturbations. 

UN Security Council Res. 2334: A Victory of Jihadism

Led astray from their primary mission, these international organizations have become tools of corruption or terrorism, reinforcing global Islamic power. Those who vote are heads of state, motivated by interests and ideologies that are often criminal, and not all of which represent the opinions of their people whom they tyrannize, including those from European “democracies”.

It is the turn of Europeans to see a replacement population be created in their countries, with all the rights that are being taken away from them. It is their turn to be forced to renounce their national, historic, cultural and religious identity, to apologize and take the blame for existing. It is their turn to be forced to monitor their borders and guard their airports, their schools, their trains, their streets and their cities with soldiers. European governments that contemplated the destruction of Israel worked together with the enemies of Israel to destroy their own people, their sovereignty, their security and their freedoms.

-UN Security Council Res 2334 A Victory of Jihadism

European Immigration Mainly Muslim Mainly Male Mainly Young

Huntington Clash of Civilizations

Source: UN Security Council Res. 2334: A Victory of Jihadism

Take what this rather evil man says about the Thirty Years War as he applies it to the Middle East and then apply it to what they have initiated in Europe.