US must not forget its history of dispossession & Must Watch Videos

Larry-Towell-NYC128945Think about it–1890, Wounded Knee Massacre, 20 Medals of Honor given for the slaughter, the end of America’s War on Indians–soon to be followed by the annexation of Hawaii by military means, the totally unwarranted, unprovoked invasion of Cuba and the Philippines (and the subsequent massacre of over 200,000 Filipino’s, those who had thought America had come for their liberation, not their subjugation) and the internationalization of our true unique national heritage, “Manifest Destiny.” A destiny, at first not hidden by either media or the political class but which, in the subsequent years became masked in the weaselly words of Wilson and those that followed. Words evoking glorious, saintly visions such as liberation, democratization, freedom, humanitarian intervention and all the obfuscation and propaganda hiding the one true description, Empire. All for empire and for the tributes, rewards and economic advantages that accrue from the vassal states.

No “true blooded” American can watch these films below without understanding, without feeling the pain of our past. Avoiding doing so, frankly, is a statement of self-denial and a willing acceptance of self-delusion and the myth making propaganda of histories victors. Can America truly be represented as the guys in white hats on the world stage? Have we genetically morphed into a different species of human being in just a little over 100 years from the disgrace of the slaughter of Indian children, the old and infirm and all with two legs and even four, at Wounded Knee? Evolutionarily impossible and certainly, as we slide down the path of Sodom and Gomorrah, not God induced.

There was a vision that was America, we have yet to come close to achieving it. Perhaps, one day we will have that chance again. Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt it.

The American World Order is coming to an end whether or not America itself is declining.The age of global dominance by any single power as the world has previously experienced under Britain, then America, is over.

==The End of American World Order (Amitav Acharya)

The invasion of America

The story of Native American dispossession is too easily swept aside, but new visualizations should make it unforgettable.

Between 1776 and the present, the United States seized some 1.5 billion acres from North America’s native peoples, an area 25 times the size of the United Kingdom. Many Americans are only vaguely familiar with the story of how this happened. They perhaps recognise Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears, but few can recall the details and even fewer think that those events are central to US history.Their tenuous grasp of the subject is regrettable if unsurprising, given that the conquest of the continent is both essential to understanding the rise of the United States and deplorable. Acre by acre, the dispossession of native peoples made the United States a transcontinental power. To visualise this story, I created ‘The Invasion of America’, an interactive time-lapse map of the nearly 500 cessions that the United States carved out of native lands on its westward march to the shores of the Pacific.

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