US to push ahead with controversial nuclear modernisation plan – Military Industrial Complex Rules

The Obama administration is pushing ahead with an expensive plan to modernise the country’s nuclear arsenal despite criticism from within the Democratic party and from some nuclear experts who fear it could spark a new arms race.The Pentagon budget for 2017 includes funding for a controversial new air-launched cruise missile that can carry nuclear weapons and for a new nuclear bomb, as well as new submarines and long-range bombers.

US to push ahead with controversial nuclear modernisation plan

Back in 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait the state of the Iraqi dictator’s mind was both paranoid and desperate.  The once American supported leader at some point felt he would have the blessings of the US administration in his regional adventures.  The controversy surrounding US Ambassador April Glaspie’s comments to Saddam regarding having no interest in Iraq’s border dispute with Kuwait, and her later vindication by the release of a memo, is somewhat irrelevant as Saddam obviously felt the support was there.  Whether through direct and straightforward communication or through trickery.

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