US troops spotted near Libyan frontline with Islamic State | Middle East Eye

Hillary and Obama created this mess and the blood and death of many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Libyans are on their hands. It was a war crime, it was illegal and totally unnecessary on any truthful grounds. When the United States or its proxies in NATO use the word “humanitarian” in regards to an nation, the once people of that once sovereign country should prepare to meet their doom.

The real reason for this outrage may truly never known; perhaps for the missing $40 billion in gold or the opportunity to execute the grand plan of taking Gaddafi’s arms and shipping them through Benghazi to Syria, or simply to eliminate an independent and viable economy that was immune to the destructive, greedy hands of our transnational corporate masters. The reasons are only relevant if they justified taking the most prosperous nation in Africa and a beloved leader and murdering them both in one arrogant, criminal blow.

Hillary should be held accountable for this crime, but she won’t be.  

And now, the arms merchants will once again reap their rewards and American lives will be put at risk and likely lost. As General Butler once said; War is a racket. 

Misratan soldiers battling IS militants tell MEE that well-armed US troops are conducting patrols and coordinating with senior local commanders

US military personnel are carrying out patrols and observations in Misrata, according to Libyan soldiers on the ground, amid growing reports of Western special forces engaged in the battle to remove Islamic State from the central city of Sirte.

“There are some US troops on the ground here, near the frontline,” one Misratan soldier, Ibrahim, told MEE. “Everyone here has seen them, but they are not fighting, they are just observing and doing patrols.”

He said there were at least six or seven personnel, who he described as well-armed and well-equipped, with three Japanese vehicles that were noticeably superior to the usual Toyota Hilux trucks favoured by the Libyan armed forces. The US personnel were in occasional communication with one or two very senior Misratan commanders, Ibrahim added.

Mohamed al-Ghossri, the spokesman for the Misrata military operations room, said he was unable to confirm or deny any US military presence, because he had not personally seen them.

US troops spotted near Libyan frontline with Islamic State | Middle East Eye