US Uranium Weapons Have Been Used in Syria–Crimes Against Humanity

America has lost its empathy

While the insanity and grotesque caricature of democracy continues to wend its way through the sewage pipes that are draining the last ounce of rational thought out of a large swath of the American mind, the results of generations of mind controlling propaganda and selective civilizational destroying memes, this nation continues its crimes, not only against the people of Iraq and Syria, but against our own military, without hesitation or any moral restraint. When discussing the very real possibility of nuclear war, a war that clearly will be radically more likely with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, most still believe that the concept of MAD, mutually assured destruction, will provide the restraint that it did during the Cold War years. They are wrong.  

How can a supposedly civilized nation use DU weapons not only against the people of nations that we have unjustly invaded and are directly responsible for the creation of the chaos that has led to rise of terrorist states, but knowingly poison our own soldiers who falsely believe they are defending democracy and freedom? The answer lies not just in the eternal nature of war, but in the increasingly detached, sociopathic elites in the Pentagon and within the inner circles of the ruling Deep State and the public face of the wielders of political power.

America started using significant quantities of depleted uranium weaponry during the first Gulf War, which in itself was based on the premeditated treason of Bush 1 and his inner circle. And despite the overwhelming evidence of the long term effects, not only upon the innocent civilians and the lands they live upon, effects that will last for many generations to come , but on our own troops exposed to levels of radiation poisoning that were multiples of those considered dangerous to our domestic population; America continues to poison the world.

The corruption that has rotted out the very soul of the American political class and the power elites that play the tunes they dance to, has not only resulted in a total disregard for the rule of law and a seemingly intractable inuring to the lies, corruption and pure evil emanating from every orifice of the power elites in Washington and within the major transnational corporate boardrooms across the land, but has lead to total loss of empathy.

This loss is evident in a wide range of government, police and military actions as well as within the general public that takes its direction from the behaviors and morals of its public leaders and private organizations. The power elites, both hidden and public, the media to the transnational mega corporations, all whose pursuit of profit, power and control over all other considerations, like the truth, human welfare and the citizens of this nation and those on foreign soil, have led to a deterioration in our concern for “others”. America no longer has empathy.

A new study from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor shows that Americans’ levels of empathy have dropped significantly in the last three decades.

Using a questionnaire called The Interpersonal Reactivity Index, which asks to what degree student respondents agree with statements like “I often have tender, concerned feelings for people less fortunate than me,” researchers were able to ascertain that almost 75 percent of today’s student have less empathy than students 30 years ago.

This is particularly evidenced in the complete disregard for the health and well being of the innocent civilians whose lands we have destroyed for many hundreds of years with our own weapons of permanent destruction. War is a game, it always has been, with its own rules. Rules that seem to have always, since the first organized battles, contained little regard for the health of the front line troops who are fodder for the game. This became increasingly true when, with the use of modern technologies, the generals and other manipulators over the chessboard, could do so more and more remotely. One wonders if Churchill would have conducted the massacre of the Empire’s troops at Gallipoli with such abandon if he were, like the ancient Roman generals, required to command from within the first charge?

b8mxn3wieaesh5sBut the astounding rise in indifference to the destruction America and its allies have sown around the world over the past few years is astounding, particularly when looking at the response of the traditional opposition and source of moral outrage, the American liberal left. Except for relatively small  pockets of resistance, the left has all but disappeared as a force of restraint against the destructive forces of the American Empire. Even though there is a growing war weariness among the Trumpian populists, it appears to be more driven by nativist concerns based on economics than on the moral outrage against our leadership, past and present, for pursuing policies that have directly resulted in the deaths of millions of totally innocent human beings.

What we have done in the Middle East is one of the greatest crimes against humanity since the Second World War, certainly since Mao’s starvation policies in euphemistically named Great Leap Forward. What America has done in Iraq & Libya and apparently still is doing in Syria is a crime and it continues seemingly unabated by any outcry from the American people. When there is not even enough concern voiced over the use of DU weaponry that has, and likely will still, result in the poisoning of the young men and women we send to our designated battle zones, something has truly disappeared from the American soul: empathy.

Do not for one minute doubt that the self-centered narcissistic power elites that rule this nation and their corporate media lap dogs give a damn about how many lives are lost in a “limited” nuclear confrontation. To the deranged, sociopathic neocons in both parties, the end justifies the means. This is the traditional mantra of the progressives, whose party ideology gave birth to the eugenics movement in America and Nazi Germany. It is clearly the cornerstone of Hillary Clinton’s guiding moral compass and apparently of all that surround her. 

This month, the Pentagon admitted it has used uranium weapons in attacks inside Syria — violating its public promise last year that it would not use DU there, and contradicting the claim that US bombing is done in defense of the Syrian people, according to the Int’l Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons.

Like the Pentagon’s past denials of the dangers of the chemical weapon Agent Orange, US military officials still claim publicly that its uranium weapons are not known to cause health problems. Made from waste uranium-238 — left from H-bomb and reactor fuel production — it is called “depleted” uranium (DU) but is only “depleted” of U-235. Ironically, the best evidence that it is dangerously toxic and radioactive — contrary to press pronouncements — comes from the Pentagon itself. A June 1995 report to Congress by the Army’s Environmental Policy Institute (AEPI) concluded: “Depleted uranium is a radioactive waste and, as such, should be deposited in a licensed repository.”

Military studies done in 1979, ‘90, ‘93, ‘95 and ‘97, make clear that uranium weapons are chemically toxic, alpha-radiation-emitting poisons that are a danger to target populations and to invading/occupying US forces alike. In spite of this cautionary written record, the military has been shooting its radioactive waste all over the world: into population centers in Iraq in 1991 (380 tons), in Afghanistan in 2001 (amounts unknown); in Bosnia in 1994-‘95 (five tons); in Kosovo in 1999 (10 tons), in Iraq again in 2003 (170 tons); and now in Syria.



                                     Source: US Uranium Weapons Have Been Used in Syria

Most Americans have no idea that depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military are causing one of the greatest environmental nightmares in the history of the world. In fact, most Americans have no idea what depleted uranium even is. But even as many Americans gobble down their burgers and french fries and pizza and enjoy the “good life” watching their big screen televisions, an entirely different story is being written on the other side of the world. In Iraq and Afghanistan today, there are some areas that have been so polluted by depleted uranium that they have literally become uninhabitable hellholes. Americans like to think of themselves as so “environmentally conscious”, but the truth is that one of the greatest environmental tragedies of all time is being caused by the U.S. military and yet nobody seems to care.

But now some of the victims are starting to fight back – at least in court. According to one Iraqi minister, Iraq’s Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against the United States and the United Kingdom over their use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq.

Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights, Wijdan Mikhail Salim, reportedly told the Assabah newspaper that the lawsuit will be based on reports from the Iraqi ministries of science and the environment.  These reports allege that the U.S. and the U.K. used nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the early years of the the Iraq war.

In fact, one official Iraqi study has found that more than 40 sites across Iraq are currently contaminated with high levels of radiation and dioxins.

So who is responsible for that?

We are.