USA Today Claims That ‘Whites Killed MLK’-Disgusting Race Baiting–(Malcolm X was Killed By Blacks)

Malcolm X was killed by Blacks. Martin Luther King was killed by whites. However, they were both really killed by Democrats in Washington DC who wanted them dead for political reasons and not racism. USA Today and all of the servile minions of the Deep State within the mainstream media have been hell bent at fanning the flames of race war in America practically since the first black President sat his narcissist lying ass down in the Oval Office. It has been so much the part of the plan to sow social discord and chaos in America that the progressive fascist left will never relinquish their mantra, no matter how distorted their many screeds. Both of these charismatic leaders of the black community in the 1960’s were murdered by well laid plans that came directly out of the hidden hands of the Deep State with the approval of the Johnson administration.

The truth of the reality around the MLK murder is not told by the MSM nor the American educational system, yet the courts determined years after the outrage, following a very extensive civil court case by the King family, that he was murdered by a conspiracy of government. If anyone bothers to read the court transcripts and researchers the evidence, there can be no doubts. Though, not as clear-cut, the same is true of the murder of Malcolm X. The evidence there starts from the very first arrests following his assassination and the police letting most of the directly involved actors go. Call it a convenient travesty of justice with Elijah Muhammad holding the knife, but totally protected by the powers in Washington as it was they who set the stage. Few, if any black civil rights leaders made a peep about the assassination, including MLK.

The mainstream, liberal press, the propaganda arm of the Strate and the perpetrators of fake news are committing sedition.

We” will always be at fault.

As Martin Luther King Day dawned in America Monday morning, a headline tweeted out by USA Today prominently displayed the following message in bold, stark lettering:

“Whites Killed MLK. Now We Honor Him.”

That’s right. If you’re white and thinking, “But wait, James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King!” — you’re wrong. YOU did.

The premise of the article is much the same as many others that have come before it: whites bear the sins of their ethnic ancestors based purely on the tint of their skin, and regardless of whether their personal ancestors actually owned slaves (in all my research, I have yet to come across a family member of my own who did).

Further, the blacks of today still carry the whip-scars of their ancestors, (again, regardless of whether their own relatives were actually slaves themselves).

Finally, white people should both attempt to understand this historical gripe and remedy it while simultaneously admitting that they never will understand it, and that they can never make up for it.

“Centuries of kidnapping, torture, murder, rape. What white person can understand black lives? Not me,” Olive Thomas begins.

USA Today Claims That Whites Killed MLK

Source: USA Today Claims That ‘Whites Killed MLK’ | MRCTV