Vaccines, GMO and Big Tobacco – Why the CDC, FDA and EPA promote the world’s worst health crimes

FROM TOBACCO TO AGENT ORANGE TO GMO – ONE TOXIC LIE AFTER ANOTHER  Most people in America, unfortunately, believe that the top government agencies, like the CDC, EPA and FDA, are looking out for their better interests, but just like huge corporations, they are paid off to look the other way. Recently, however, a top CDC scientist blew the whistle on the whole vaccine scam, coming forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism.

Dr. William W. Thompson, PhD, shares his story to end vaccine violence, and not just on video. Natural News acquired a letter from Dr. Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding (now an Executive Vice President for Merck, maker of the MMR vaccine), dated 2/2/2004. The letter summarizes results from an autism case-control study that showed MMR vaccines cause a shocking spike in autism cases for young African American babies: Link to Dr. Thompson’s phone call to Congress: Here’s the link to the letter to CDC head:

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