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Funny, well not so funny really, this issue recently came up in a conversation. For what it is worth, and frankly I consider myself rather intelligence challenged so it is not worth very much, but I have held for some time now that economic and social crisis in America could very easily escalate to such a level of severity that whoever is in power in 2016 remains in power, elected or not. Far out there though this may be, did you ever think that America would have limited “free-speech” zones or that the CIA could admit to spying on Senators and invading the privacy of the data collected by the committee that is legislated to oversee them and that nothing, absolutely nothing would be done about this egregious and intimidating breach of the Constitution? We live in times when to expect the unexpected may be the key to personal survival. 

It is a recurring theme among liberal opinion writers when Democratic presidents appear unable to effectively govern: It’s not them, but the unwieldy structure of the American political system which is to blame.

With the ceiling caving in on President Barack Obama nearly midway through his second term, this theme has returned with a vengeance.

The latest culprit to serve as a source of vexation for the president is, according to former Harvard University President and Obama advisor Larry Summers, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution which limits American presidents to just two terms in office.

From Roosevelt to Obama, Summers wrote, the start of a second term almost always marks the beginning of an American president’s least successful period in office. “This is why many scholars regard the current constitutional limit of two presidential terms as problematic,” he noted.

Summers does not, however, recommend the outright repeal of the 22nd Amendment. “[M]y guess is that problems caused by lame-duck effects are much smaller than those caused by a toxic combination of hubris and exhaustion after the extraordinary effort that a president and his team must exert to achieve reelection,” Summers noted.

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