Wake Up And Smell The Stench!

The stench of fascism, of corporate/government collusion and pure corruption that is polluting the air of this country has become beyond nauseating–it is the smell of collapse. The Roman nobility did not leave their gold behind when they fled the city before it was sacked by the “barbarians” (which by then were anything but), not so, however. They along with the emergent church hierarchy took all they could well before the fall of the city. Most lived out their lives in relative luxury in the south of Italy, some made their way to Constantinople which thrived for another 1,000 years.

Our Empire is collapsing, it has always been inevitable, it has always been just a matter of time. Those in seats of power and control are pillaging the nation, we will be left with only chaos.

Wake up and smell the stench.

Troutinmilk.com 2/17/2013

We are confronted with an overwhelming civilizational paradox: in the midst of unprecedented material affluence and organizational efficiency, utilizing the most advanced technologies and the most up-to-date scientific knowledge—in the midst, that is, of progress in that narrow sense—we are at the same time sinking into a cultural, moral, intellectual, and spiritual decline that is also unprecedented. How did civilization become both so advanced and so debased?

==Totalitarianism, Globalization, Colonialism: The Destruction of Civilization since 1914 (Redner, Harry)

Hillary Clinton declared in a 2015 keynote address to the “Women in the World” summit that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

From 2009–16, a progressive president missed few opportunities to castigate nonprogressive American Christians with rhetoric that would have been unthinkable had it been aimed at any other group. He called them “bitter, clinging to their guns and their religion.”

chiristians-killedHe singled them out as “less than loving”—as if he or any other president would dare to say the same of other religious groups (think “less than loving Muslims” or “less than loving Jews”). Even toward the end of his presidency, in a 2015 interview with novelist Marilynne Robinson, Obama lambasted American Christians yet again, opining that “here in the United States, sometimes Christian interpretation seems to posit an ‘us versus them,’ and those are sometimes the loudest voices. . . . [I]t seems as if folks who take religion the most seriously sometimes are also those who are suspicious of those not like them.

From a Main Street awash in pornography and raunch culture to a Wall Street where corporations outdo themselves to curry progressive favor, it’s absurd for anyone to carry on as if people in the pews direct any popular cultural traffic these days at all. Doctrinally faithful Christians, Protestant and Catholic alike, are not only culturally disenfranchised. They are the only remaining minority that can be mocked and denigrated—broadly, unilaterally, and with impunity. Not to mention fired, fined, or otherwise punished for their beliefs.

==It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies (Eberstadt, Mary)

First they came for Christianity, then they came for Islam. It is bone headed willful blindness to assume that the elites have been so admin-ajax-8corrupted by their own false memes of cultural Marxism and PC religious acceptance that they have intentionally almost destroyed Christianity in America only to allow an even more absolutist faith to take its place. The majority of the lobotomized and indoctrinated of the progressive left may have internalized the totally incompatible notion that Christians are evil, prejudiced anachronistic pigs, but that Muslims are wonderful, tolerant and oppressed, who are only seeking the warm embrace of the LGBT loving Hillary establishment crowd to achieve an orgasmic civilizational epiphany, but the power elites that created these absurd, surreal and totally incongruous  memes do not remotely believe this crap to be true.

There can be no absolutes allowed. There can be no religion except that which venerates the secular humanist State. Faith in God has no place in the future global technocratic tyranny. Muslims may think they are covertly undermining the power structures of the West, but they are being exceptionally deceived. Islamic immigration and the chaos it is causing in Europe is designed to do exactly what it is doing, undermining the local authority and creating violence and outrage.

quoteblackandwhitedeathwordsloveterrible-d3062650e6f0e2917fa7fff13b7435d9_hWhen the Hegelian dialectical process succeeds at the people of these invaded states screaming for solutions, they will be given the one already to be executed: martial law and the elimination of all religions except that which is imposed by the Administrative State and its ruling elites. Islam will end up as much a State designated social pariah as Christianity is today. However, as Islam is still far more tribalist and fervent a religion, the suppression of its practice will be considerably more difficult than the cakewalk that was the elites success over Christianity. It is not unlikely that the elimination of Islam will be induce a period of organized bloodshed and death far exceeding that of anything the 20th Century ever served up.

The true power elites within the inner sanctorum, those that control the levers of propaganda and indoctrination are not stupid. They know what they are doing, no matter how dangerous a game being played. They will not lose. There is no room for a competing ideology or religion, resistance will be futile.

What Should Americans Be Talking About?

Should Americans uphold the Judeo-Christian values, which have governed Western civilization until now? Or should they quietly allow the defeat of those values by a false liberalism — false, because it is anything but liberal — which will allow values, such as that of Islamic sharia religious law to settle over the United States? Will people willingly surrender their own culture in order to avoid becoming victims of intimidation?

quran2-250x145Worse, these policies often come in the seemingly benign-sounding terms of “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, “peace”, “anti-racism”, and “human rights”; but are often used in an Orwellian way to mean their own opposites. “Diversity” means, “It is great to look different so long as you think the same way I do” and is also an acceptance of Islamic values. “Anti-racism” often means, in a racist way, anti-white or anti-Jew. “Human rights” now means a political agenda. “Peace” is used to mean the destruction of Israel. “Multiculturalism” means any culture except the Judeo-Christian one — regardless of whether that culture supports denigrating women, slavery, flogging, amputating limbs, murdering gays and the intolerance of all other religions and cultures. These inversions of language are having devastating consequences not only on university campuses, but also throughout the U.S. and abroad.

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all [that] the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…” — Muslim Brotherhood, 1991.

The question of whether to submit to these policies, as Europe is doing, or to uphold freedom, as Israel is doing, has arrived in the United States. The choice Americans make will immeasurably affect not just the US, but, despite sounding melodramatic, the future of Western civilization.



Source: What Should Americans Be Talking About?