WaPo editors: Say, this ISIS intervention looks a wee bit “under-powered,” no?

I do not believe in strings of repetitive coincidences, even the quantum world is far more ordered than macro-physicists once believed. All things in the known and unknown universe are connected and such ultimately is shown to be true in the world of geopolitics. There is more going on with ISIS, or whatever one wishes to call them, and all the parties engaged in the Kabuki dance that is being played out on the world stage than is remotely visible to the human mind, at least those of us not within the inner circles of the power elites in Washington and the other capitals of the world.

It is very likely that there is a far more complex game being played here and that all of the mainstream media, as are most of us, are being played as the fine instruments generating the necessary background music for the performance. It may be many years before the fat lady sings.

WaPo editors: Say, this ISIS intervention looks a wee bit “under-powered,” no?

It depends on which version of the military intervention at which we look. If we review the plan of attack on ISIS in Iraq, then yes, we don’t appear to be doing much to actually roll back the terrorist army from its positions. If, on the other hand, we look at it as an opportunity to degrade the air defenses of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, it looks much more robust. Major Garrett reported last night from the White House that the US will take out air defense positions that interfere with American bombing runs against ISIS in Syria:

CBS News reminds us that Congress will get its first look at the war/not-war plans of the White House. John Kerry and Chuck Hagel will present testimony in hearings this week intended to give Capitol Hill some confidence in what Barack Obama has planned to respond in this crisis:

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