We are absolutely in a stock market bubble: corporate equity valuations now higher than peak reached in 2007. Crestmont P/E of 26.3 is 90 percent above its average of 13.9.

Death-of-Truth-logoNothing is as it seems, nothing. Mankind has never, ever lived in a world of such fiction and duplicity, where reality is so distorted, warped and reconstructed that it is now becoming all but impossible for anyone to remotely grasp what might be the objective truth.  Everything is reconstructed into fictional blocks seemingly uncorrelated, unconnected for consumption by the myriad of fragmented socioeconomic and political hierarchies that comprise an increasingly discordant cacophony of disparate elements of our global civilization. We are witnessing the death of truth and the subjugation of those that seek it.

These are very, very dangerous times indeed, not just in America, but throughout the world.  Trust nothing, particularly not the words from governments, for our world has become more Orwellian than the great dystopian author could ever dream. We have not been told the truth about practically anything, not 9/11, not the global wars, the “war on terror” most of all, not about the fiction we still call American democracy or who truly rules us. It is as if we are so damn similar to the comatose energy humans in their protected sacs in the Matrix movies, each fed a diet of falsehoods, surrounding ourselves in realities of our own creation.

Distrust the most the conveniently coincidental. For instance the American led additional sanctions imposed on Russia, and the Malaysian airline that just was shot out of the skies over the Ukraine. Does anyone walking the corridors of power on this planet really believe that Putin and the Russians are going to give up on their Russian kinsmen in Crimea or the expected vast oil and gas reserves off of the Crimean coast over US and EU sanctions? But perhaps our puppet regime, installed through the direct machinations of the CIA and other covert groups working with corporate America will instigate a war, which would be simply a proxy war between the United States and Russia–a possible win/win for American imperial interest? We will never, ever get close to the truth. It will remain locked up in classified subterranean boxes and those who might speak truth, will be afraid to or will be sanctioned.  

The global financial markets right now should be trusted least of all. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that such a complete fiction of financial market wellbeing could be sustained for so long through the now well known collusion of central banks, governments and financial interests. The layers of fiction are so deep it is almost impossible to peel back the layers of the onion to reveal the rotten core. Perhaps the central banks and the Federal Reserve have taken the Cloward-Piven gambit as their core strategy as well., for the fictions and lies have become so numerous and overwhelming that our limited brains have become numb, docile and accepting. This, I am afraid will soon change for the fundamentals of the economy and of the global financial markets will, in the end, destroy the fictions propping them up.

evolution-of-consciousnessI think we are getting perilously close to this occurring and as I have mentioned in the past, the unraveling of the fiction of markets and the supportive memes and propaganda that have created our massively complex Potemkin City will be the catalyst for the collapse of all of the fictions that have been woven into the fabric of our lives. A total financial market and socioeconomic, political revulsion lies around the proverbial corner. To say that the people of America and the entire world will be stunned and catalysed in ferocious, undirected activity and possible mayhem is an understatement. Ignorance may be bliss, but the blissfully ignorant when confronted with the truth will become like a deep sea diver with the bends, in horrendous pain and very possibly near death. 

If you think another 10-15% blow-off in equity markets is possible, so that smart money can dump their equities and are willing to take that risk, by all means. If not, the time to become as liquid as you possibly can, as debt free as you possibly can and perhaps even as physically mobile as well, is now. Chaos is all around us, the fictions cannot hold.

The Implosion Is Near: Signs Of The Bubble’s Last Days | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

The central banks of the world are massively and insouciantly pursuing financial instability. That’s the inherent result of the 68 straight months of zero money market rates that have been forced into the global financial system by the Fed and its confederates at the BOJ, ECB and BOE. ZIRP fuels endless carry trades and the harvesting of every manner of profit spread between negligible “funding” costs and positive yields and returns on a wide spectrum of risk assets.

Moreover, this central bank sponsored regime of ZIRP and money market pegging contains a built-in accelerator. As carry trade speculators drive asset prices steadily higher and fixed income spreads steadily thinner—- fear and short interest is driven out of the casino, making buying on the dips ever more profitable and less risky. Indeed, the explicit promise by central banks that the money market rate will remain frozen for the duration and that ample warning of any change in rate policy will be “transparently” announced is the single worst policy imaginable from the point of view of financial stability. It means that the speculator’s worst nightmare—–suddenly going “upside down” due to a sharp spike in funding costs—-is eliminated by central bank writ.

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via The Implosion Is Near: Signs Of The Bubble’s Last Days | David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

We are absolutely in a stock market bubble: corporate equity valuations now higher than peak reached in 2007. (myBudget360.com)

Once again titthe stock market is in full bubble mode. The internet chat forums are full of people pumping up stocks and yijc071714ou also have penny stocks surging in light of people looking for the next free lunch. The stock market is a poor indicator of the overall economy but it does show how those with disposable income to invest are thinking. Even on more conservative investing boards, those that advocate dollar cost averaging into broad based mutual funds or stocks, you have people throwing caution to the wind and trying to time the market or go all in on stocks fully ignoring bonds as a part of a balanced portfolio. The market was already overvalued earlier this year and the froth continues to build. The Crestmont P/E of 26.3 is now 90 percent above its average of 13.9. Valuations are off the chart and euphoria is setting in. You even have penny stocks going up in rocket rides up which was very common during the tech boom of the 1990s. At the same time, you have inflation eroding the purchasing power of regular Americans not participating in this casino. All the signs are there: massive speculation, unexplainable valuations, and blind optimism. All signs of a bubble top when the fundamentals don’t make any sense.

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via We are absolutely in a stock market bubble: corporate equity valuations now higher than peak reached in 2007. Crestmont P/E of 26.3 is 90 percent above its average of 13.9..

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