“We dropped investigating the mass murder of 58 people, but, hey, we nabbed a cheesy lobbyist!”

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas ?

Las Vegas was a Deep State mass murder. The evidence of multiple shooters and the massive pile of circumstantial evidence that this was a CIA/FBI controlled massacre makes it all but certain. As the control over the LV narrative has fractured into a million pieces, the mainstream media has clearly been shut down on the investigation and the biggest mass murder in American history, not including those conducted against the American natives, has totally disappeared from all but the alternative media.  The switch was made to focus on Harvey Weinstein and the disgusting sexual behaviors of the Hollywood elites, all very conveniently.

Not dissimilar to the slight of hand Three Card Monty performed by the Mueller Special Prosecutor’s office when they leaked the news to CNN (of course, as they have serious ties to the Fusion GPS) this past Friday in order to provide the MSM with enough blood in the water to send the piranha’s to the Paul Manafort story, all in order to keep the Clinton Dossiergate and Clinton/Mueller/Obama Uraniumgate from receiving too much attention. CNN, MSNBC and the other voices of the Deep State must have been very relieved that the puppeteers of our nation’s fate are so adept at providing alternative issues for the corrupt corporate media to focus their attention away from events that they are clearly losing the narrative. 

For those interested in one of the most comprehensive analysis of this Deep State massacre the series produced by journalist Jake Morphonios on his YouTube site End Times Report. I highly recommend you do so.

We know now that there were at least two shooters that killed JFK and that the CIA/FBI and Deep State covered this up for the past 54 years, for one reason, they were the executioners. We know that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Operations Northwoods, and the CIA planned domestic terrorist attacks from bombs in Miami to blowing American passenger planes out of our skies to be blamed on the Cubans to justify a full invasion. We know they lied about the Gulf of Tonkin. They lies about the MLK Jr. assassination. They lied about the babies being smashed in their incubators by the Iraqi army to rile Americans to war. They lied about 9/11. They lied about WMD in Iraq, from “yellow cake” to gas. They lied about Libya.They lied about ISIS. God only knows the lies told by the corrupt denizens of our nation’s capital.

Let’s face it, all governments lie, but the American Empire lies a hell of a lot more than most, likely the most ever. However, it is not the lies and coverups that should be the greatest concern, it is the acts of heinous terror both on foreign and domestic soil which started in 1947 with start of Operation Gladio, the biological and psychological testing conducted on the American people and the assassinations of leading catalytic American social and political leaders. Most recently, the American people should be rioting in the streets of Washington over the most recent outrage, the well planned and organized mass murder at a country music festival in Las Vegas and, apparently as well as, at other venues in the city.  

What Happened In Vegas MUST NOT STAY IN VEGAS. The criminal Deep State must be routed and brought to justice or we are frankly, toast. 

Once again, I ask what are we, the people, going to do about it? Have we truly reached a state of over saturated-by-evil and corruption docility the brainless proles of 1984? This was the goal of the Fabians all the way back in the early 1900’s. It is still their aim, unless of course, if they have achieved this goal already?