Wealthy Weingarten Frets Re: Teacher Pay | The Daily Caller & New Haven Rallies for Education

Drucker-on-DecentralizationResilience expands the virtue of slow-variable policies beyond their traditional domains. Such efforts are valuable for what they accomplish in and of themselves, and they are also a way to bind Americans into a compact of responsibility and a network of personal relationships sealed by working hand in hand. Government alone can’t ever construct a system fast and flexible enough for our modern world. So we should begin with what can be done with our own hands. We should start with the sorts of questions we can control and answer, reaching for the places where the slow variables of our own society are within easy grasp: how do we consume? educate our children? run our businesses? invest our money? In the end government can’t make us fully resilient. It’s a process that has to include — and ideally start with — each of us at home.

This kind of self-organization, the ability to pull off an “all hands on deck” reaction, exists in many of the most efficient and resilient systems in our world. This has been a marked feature of life in an information age, when e-mails, telephone calls, and text messages have diminished the effects of geography, put people in closer direct contact, and, in the process, removed the need for much central command and control.

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Totally surreal study on teacher pay–our kids are dumber and getting dumber and it is not the lack of money thrown at our schools–it is the bureaucratic, union controlled, centralized and top down coerced system of public education. In the study below, I would like to see the teachers incomes in the professional comparisons produced in a per hour worked basis, but then again, we don’t want to make the other professionals demand summers off and two week holidays, as they might start to look and act like Congressmen and yes, perhaps even teachers?  

There is zero chance that we can break the downward spiral towards a lobotomized, mindless stupidity that seems to be the goal of the system now in place without destroying the power of the Washington centralized educational bureaucracy and figuratively castrating all those that support it within the “education” establishment, usually overpaid professors whose narcissism and self-imposed social importance guarantees their uselessness to society.

Randi Weingarten, the affluent, fancypants president of the American Federation of Teachers, issued a statement on Weimrsdnesday expressing her deep concern about the salaries of American teachers.

Weingarten’s lamentation — about the plight of people who make, on average, about $300,000 less per year than she does — came in response to a report by the National Council on Teacher Quality entitled “Smart Money: What Teachers Make, How Long It Takes and What It Buys Them.”

The 25-page report compares and details teacher salaries across the country.

“We know that teachers and their families, like other workers, are feeling squeezed for many reasons: stagnant wages, increasing student debt and retirement insecurity, to name a few,” Weingarten declared in a press release sent to The Daily Caller.

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NEW HAVEN >> With 40,000 children in Connecticut attending “failing schools,” thousands of students, teachers and parents rallied on the Green Wednesday in favor of an excellent education “for every child.”Organizers claimed attendance of as many as 6,000 demonstrators from New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford and even Bronx, New York, mostly draped in neon green T-shirts printed with the “For Every Child” theme. Most speakers and participants in the rally appeared to come from charter schools.“This is about high-quality schools. … We’re here today to take a stand … that every child in Connecticut deserves a quality education,” said Jennifer Alexander, CEO of the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, before the rally began.

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