West is Gunning for Russian Media Ban–Prelude To War?

On the very day of Obama’s inauguration, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture invoked the Convention in calling on the United States to pursue former president George W. Bush and defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld for torture and bad treatment of Guantánamo prisoners.

‘Obama said, I don’t believe that anybody is above the law. On the other hand I also have a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards.’

Understanding the covert powers that actually dictate American foreign policy to every administration since at least FDR, if not Wilson, is a critical first step in grasping the power of the cabal that truly rules this nation and much of the West. [For instance one of]  Obama’s appointments,  James Jones opened his talk at the Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 8, 2009: ‘Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger.’

==America’s Deadliest Export (William Blum)

To clarify, according to statesman like Kissinger, the moral and legislative laws that limit the actions of ordinary men do not apply to a select few. To escape accountability, the ruling class needs only to invoke the name of the state.

“The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component…there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.” —Henry Kissinger

==Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy (Plummer, Joseph)

Kissinger was recruited as a professional spy for Dulles shortly after the end of the war in Europe. Although there is no evidence that he personally recruited Nazis, Kissinger ran the intelligence file room where records of Nazi recruitment were kept. He then transferred to Harvard where he specialized in recruiting foreign students for espionage. Later he worked for Dulles during the glory days of Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). He was hired as a consultant for a private group known as Operations Research Office, which planned to use former Nazis as agents behind Russian lines in the event of World War III.

==America’s Nazi Secret: An Insider’s History (John Loftus)

One of Henry Kissinger’s less known American backed atrocities and war crimes was executed in Indonesia. Kissinger is a leading light and senior “statesman”of the controlling cabal of globalist power elites, but far from isolated he is one of hundreds that dictate to the puppets the American people foolishly believe that they have elected through democratic processes. Hillary is nothing but an evil, corrupt puppet whose masters, besides Kissinger, remain mostly hidden.

When a CIA-backed violent uprising against Sukarno failed in 1958, the US assisted the Indonesian military (trained and backed by the US) in getting Sukarno replaced by General Suharto in 1965. Suharto’s coup destroyed the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), the largest communist party outside the Soviet bloc and China and the only mass-based political party in Indonesia. The destruction of the PKI involved the slaughter of 700,000 people (some estimates are up to 1 million), mostly landless peasants, during a few months in 1965.

Suharto had death squads working from hit lists provided by the US State Department. American diplomats watched over these comprehensive hit lists of “communist” operatives. The Americans checked off their names as the Indonesian army hunted them down and killed them.

In addition to the financing, assisting, and arming of the brutal Indonesian army, 1,200 Indonesian officers, including senior military figures, had received training in the United States. The US-backed intervention worked. Sukarno was removed, and General Suharto took over, beginning a “New Order” of brutality that would last about 3 decades under his power. Death squads roamed freely, killing not only “subversives,” but also “suspected criminals” by the thousands. Torture and murder by the military became the norm.

images-we-want-warThis invasion [Of East Timor in 1975] occurred the day after US President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met with President Suharto in Indonesia and gave Suharto their stamp of approval for the genocide. Five days after the invasion, the UN even voted to condemn the attack, but the US abstained. This invasion led to the slaughter of about 200,000 people, almost one-third of the population. During the 1975 invasion, Indonesia relied almost entirely upon US arms (including helicopter gunships and high-tech advanced weaponry) and diplomatic support. There are even reports of numerous occasions when American advisers were directing and participating in combat. This American support strengthened in 1978 when Indonesia’s forces, led by General Suharto, peaked in fury and performed more mass killings upon the people of East Timor. Suharto purposefully made the horrible deaths public and left the dead unburied, stating, “the corpses were left lying around as a form of shock therapy.”

==Land of Hypocrisy (Kennie Anderson)

Our system is more than rigged politically. The major American media companies have always been totally in sync when it comes to issues of war, with a few interruptions driven by the inevitable factional skirmishes between the power elites . It has been so since, at least, the takeover of the major media news sources by a consortium of financiers led by J.P.Morgan during the campaign of President Wilson, Colonel House, the President’s controller, and the group of globalist elites that eventually became the Council of Foreign Relations, to propagandize America’s entry into what was, until then, a European War.

War is the ultimate catalyst used to further the goals of the transnationalist and the covert powers seeking their long held goal of the One World Order. It is historically proven that, with each successive major war since at least the bloody Thirty Years War of 1618-1648, that the peace that follows moves the world closer and closer to the consolidation of power and control over the destiny of world. As Henry Kissinger has made clear, the Peace of Westphalia that followed this massively destructive war was more than worth the debauchery that ravaged Europe.

Thus, despite a normal person’s natural doubts, war is viewed by those who truly rule us as an essential step to the final consolidation of power and control in the hands of a small, transnationalist elite, no matter how much death and destruction it engenders. 

Any attempt to restrict RT and other sources of  news from Russia that contradicts the Anglo/American propaganda machinery should send a rather ominous signal to anyone out there who is remotely awake. This is the stuff of war preparation.


It would be monumental, but Western states seem to be moving, ineluctably, towards banning Russian news media channels from satellite platforms and the internet. That outcome – albeit with enormous ethical and political implications – seems to be a logical conclusion of the increasingly frenzied transatlantic campaign to demonize Russia.

Washington, London and Paris appear to be coordinating an unprecedented media onslaught that is vilifying Russia for almost every conceivable malfeasance, from alleged war crimes in Syria to threatening the security of Europe, to shooting down civilian airliners, to subverting American presidential elections. And that’s only a sample.

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson declared this week that Russia is in danger of becoming a «pariah state». Ironically, that fate has less to do with Russia’s actual conduct and more to do with the desired objective driving Western policy towards Moscow – to isolate and portray Russia as an international reprobate.

Western governments are displaying the standards of a despot.

Unable to get their absolute way, including violating international law and going to war whenever and wherever they want, they then lash out at resistant nations like Russia, to the point where Russia is being labelled as an enemy state liable for military attack.

And when news media expose these criminal Western double standards and hypocrisies, then such media are also lambasted as enemy propaganda that must be shut off and banned.

Western decadence is truly sinking into the gutter or corruption and absurdity. That is a fate of its own making due to its own internal collapse of oligarchic mis-rule and warmongering. And the Western public increasingly know that, with or without Russian assistance.


Source: West is Gunning for Russian Media Ban