So This Is How Western Culture Ends?

The West committed suicide

This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a hang but a whimper.

—T.S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men”

12810455Patriotism and nationalism, too, are non-rational and discriminatory. They invidiously divide, segregate, one group of men (“my group”) from humanity, and do so not in accord with objective merits determined by deliberate reason but as the result of habits, customs, traditions and feelings inherited from the past.

When a liberal journalist uses the phrase “patriotic organization,” the adjective is equivalent in meaning to “stupid, reactionary and rather ludicrous.” The rise of liberalism to predominance in the controlling sectors of American opinion is in almost exact correlation with the decline in the ceremonial celebration of the Fourth of July, traditionally regarded as the nation’s major holiday.

To the liberal it has become self-evident that “national sovereignty is an outworn concept” that must be drastically modified if not altogether abandoned. Experience since the Second World War should have made it clear that a liberal foreign policy must assume that liberalism and democracy can only flourish or indeed survive in a suitable environment, that such an environment under present conditions can be no less extensive than the entire world, and that, therefore, liberal foreign policy must look at the world as a whole. Any form of isolationism and regionalism is obsolete.

The nation that would save itself must subordinate its immediate interests to the maintenance of a peaceful, stable, and just world.

That is the assumption that the United States and other nations made in establishing the United Nations.

==Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism (Burnham, James)  (1962)

The rape and destruction of Europe. Do you ever see any of this on American television or the mainstream press? Ever? Why the hell do you think that is? Because you think some dumbed down story for the functionally illiterate, brain dead entertainment zombified masses, perhaps even you, are too stupid to handle the truth? Or perhaps, just perhaps, there is another agenda, one that requires us all to be oblivious to the reality the transnational elites are force feeding us without our even feeling the tubes down our throats and up our asses?

maxresdefault (9)This is what Obama wants for America. it was what Soros wants and is getting his wish for Europe. it is what the elites have desired for generations: the destruction of white, European culture and civilization. This has been the goal of the global progressive, humanist intellectually self-annointed superiors throughout western society for generations: to destroy Western culture from within, to have no nation, no patriotism, no ethnic, religious, or historical memory to left to thwart a universalist State.

A State where only the thoughts of the enlightened are true, are allowed  and tolerated. Where freedom is by default, the ability to see the world according to the only truth that is absolute; the truth that supports the technocratic, power hungry globalists that are about to win control over all of our lives.

Anyone, any nation, any religion, any philosophy, “ism” or ideology that attempts to thwart or even disagree with the vision of the “enlightened” ones  that seek to enslave us all, will be crushed, imprisoned or wiped off the face of the earth as vermin and intellectually unfit to be among the rest of the herd.

suicide-of-the-west_CroppedIf you doubt this, why don’t you get off your lazy, indoctrinated brains ( yes the ones you are sitting upon) and do the research. The program has been laid out in bold, flashing neon for many, many years. Read Agenda 21, and all of the other technocratic, elite one world guidebooks that are there for all to read.

Do the research do at least you will understand the goals of those you have already willingly renounced your individual and national sovereignty to. Know your jailor, but do not give up the fight; Ever.

Watch this and hear your screams overcome by the sounds of chaos, rioting and death.

For the first time in Britain, the number one name given to boys upon birth was Muḥammad. This is how Rome died. The affluent typically see birth rates decline and immigrants then fill the gap. Ancient Egyptians were a red race and always pictured themselves different in color being much more similar to American Indians. They too were bred out of existence. In Mexico, if you talk to the Maya, they still hold that a Maya should marry only a Maya. They too are of the ancient breed where the men have no facial hair. Roman’s experienced the same crisis. True Latins were bred out into extinction. This is simply how history has always unfolded.

The white European is rapidly becoming a minority in London and Paris for example.

Source: Armstrong Economics

But this time it is planned; it is well thought out and it is embraced by those who have sought to destroy Western civilization for generations. And it is intended not to just replace a culture with another, but to enslave all cultures under one–the globalist, technocratic one imposed from above by bureaucrats and progressive intellectuals that are the only ones that know the truth.

Kenneth Minogue -‘How Political Idealism Threatens Our Civilization’ from Oxford Hayek Society on Vimeo.