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The collapse of industrial civilization will be challenging for those who have been preparing for it; for those who haven’t, it will involve massive trauma. The less attached we are to living life as we have known it, and the more open and resilient we are—the more we are utilizing the myriad tools that exist for preparing our emotions, our bodies, and our souls for collapse—the more capacity we create for navigating a formidable future.

–Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times (Sacred Activism) (Carolyn Baker Phd)


Unfortunately, the answer is authoritarian tyranny first, Federalist, community based democracy second, but emergent from the ashes . Collapse is coming. We are well past the event horizon.

ANSWER: Come December, I will be able to explain a bit more clearly. It will become more obvious by then why I have held back a touch more in this area. I am finishing the SOLUTION and intend to put this out in a book format so many people can afford it. I too have family and this is why I even do what I do, Yes, I could just retire and ignore the world. But what would my family face?

I understand that we are at a crossroads. The tree has been cut. Which way will it fall – authoritarian or democracy? We can make a difference. Step one is understanding what is the problem. At least then we can address a solution with some reasonable game plan.

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