“What If?”


By Michael Stanford Long

hqdefault (16)Can you recall? Your younger brother (or sister) are out with a gang of chums. One kid offers you a cigarette (you are 10 going on 8). Younger brother chimes in, “Don’t! what if Daddy catches you, you’ll get killed!” Kids have used the What If phrase forever and everyone knows it. Happiness, sadness, suspense, and even a sinister outcome could be the response to What If. Some adults seem to have forgotten its meanings and connotations however. Has erstwhile Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton forgotten?

Let us review some of Hillary’s never ending troubles that could result in direful consequences by just recording some of her abundant “What If’s.”

What if the ultimate arbiter of Hillary’s alleged future, Barack Obama decides she is just too much baggage and opts for Mr. Malaprop Joe Biden? This is certainly within the realm of possibilities given the declining poll numbers and rising dislikability ratings of Hillary.

What if the true story became known of the reason Hillary installed a private, non-secure email system in the first place? The answer might be governed by Bryan Pagliano the computer technician who installed her system, maintained it, and cut himself an immunity deal with the FBI.

What if the FBI recover all or part of Hillary’s deleted emails that prove just how incompetent she was as Secretary of State?

What if the emails uncover the non-professional relationship with Hillary’s non-governmental associate “Benghazi” Sid Blumenthal and his influence on her dopey Libyan decisions?

What if it is proven that foreign powers (Russia, China, Iran, take your pick) successfully hacked into her email system and her half-baked policies were acted upon by these foreign entities?

What if Vlady Putin decided to make pals with Donald Trump, (Vlady is partial to money and the oligarchs as long as they behaved) and influence the election by releasing those 20,000-odd emails supposedly held by the Kremlin?

What if Gussifer (Romanian Hacker 1st class) obtains immunity coupled with his proposed guilty plea, and dumps Hillary’s emails into the FBI s lap? Since Gussifer first hacked Benghazi Sid, these emails, could well establish Benghazi Sid as our Interim Secretary of State during the Benghazi disaster.

Does Hillary know how close she could be to disaster? Is she placing too much confidence in The Fix? Could a slight, wrong turn of events, finally finish Mrs. Bill Clinton? It is going to be a long, juicy summer.