When CPS Kidnaps Children for Money

Given what I believe to be significant child abuse in this nation, perhaps in all nations, there is a need for some form of protective actions to save children from the horrendous, life defining abuses and even murder that occur with far to much regularity, yet the institutionalization, bureaucratization and centralized government system seems to be becoming a serious abusive power in and of itself.

The destruction of family, of community and of moral, ethical foundations as well as the importance of the church, despite the debauchery of many within the clergy, have all contributed I am sure to the rise of domestic child abuse in America. But when organizations given the mandate to protect turn into the abusers as well, there is a systemic problem that goes far beyond my puny mental capacities to find solutions for. The corruption of this nation’s soul seems to know no boundaries, no restraints. I have discussed this issue in the past and it is, along with the evidence of organized elite pedophilia rings, disgusting, immoral and corrupt. I ask again, is there no decency in our government or its agencies?  

If I have it my way, you’ll never see your mommy and daddy again.” These cruel words were reportedly uttered to eight-year-old Jaxon Adams by a Missouri doctor working closely with Child Protective Services. While we don’t know if this statement will prove prophetic, the fact is that some children will never see their parents again — or, at least, not for a very long time — because of CPS.

kitchenokAnd it has been alleged that many of these youngsters are essentially kidnapped — for money.

The New American reported Thursday on the plight of Cleave and Erica May Rengo, a young Washington State couple whose three children were, many say, seized from them unjustly. And far from being alone, the Rengos have now joined a legion of parents whose kids have been abducted by the state.

But these are all abused children, correct? Virtually always. There is a question, however, as to who their abusers are. Is it the parents?

Or the state?

Or both?

This clearly varies on a case by case basis, but there is one constant of which many are unaware:

Every time CPS seizes a child, it gets money from the federal government.

Lots of money.

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