Why I’m Not Ready to Give Up on America – John Whitehead

Fourteen Signposts To Slavery  

1. Restrictions on taking money out of the country and on the establishment or retention of a foreign bank account by an American citizen.   2. Abolition of private ownership of handguns.  

3. Detention of individuals without judicial process.  

4. Requirements that private financial transactions be keyed to social security numbers or other government identification so that government records of these transactions can be kept and fed into a computer.  

5. Use of compulsory education laws to forbid attendance at presently existing private schools.  

6. Compulsory non-military service.  

7. Compulsory psychological treatment for nongovernment workers or public school children.  

8. An official declaration that anti-Communist organizations are subversive and subsequent legal action taken to suppress them.  

9. Laws limiting the number of people allowed to meet in a private home.  

10. Any significant change in passport regulations to make passports more difficult to obtain or use.  

11. Wage and price controls, especially in a non-wartime situation  

12. Any kind of compulsory registration with the government of where individuals work.  

13. Any attempt to restrict freedom of movement within the United States.  

14. Any attempt to make a new major law by executive decree (that is, actually put into effect, not merely authorized as by existing executive orders.) 

The choice is yours. You can say, “It can’t happen here!” But nearly every one of the one billion people enslaved by the Communists since 1945 doubtless said the same thing. Or you can end run this whole conspiratorial apparatus.   The choice you must make was enunciated by Winston Churchill when he told the people of England:   “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”

“There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”   What Will You Do?

If you are unwilling to get involved because you feel it may be bad for business or may jeopardize your social respectability, just look into the eyes of your children and tell them that making a buck and climbing the social ladder are more important to you than they are.

This is the end of our case.

If you have decided not to do anything about it, then you can close this book, read no further, and turn out the light. That is just what you will be doing for the United States of America, and may God help us.

If you decide that you will do something- that you at least are not yet controlled-read on-pick up the ball we are tossing you and with thousands of others, let’s “end run” the conspiracy.

===None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Gary Allen-1972) 

As a brilliant constitutional lawyer and renowned civil libertarian, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has been sounding the warning sirens for many years now with ever louder decibel. He has not yet given up on America, but expresses the obvious in his message below, it will take those of us who understand the issues, that see through the fog of propaganda and have not yet been consumed by our couches to get out and become far more vociferous and civically active. Unfortunately, I do not personally share his optimism.

The clarion call for action, as evidenced above in the compelling, but insufficiently read terrific short book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, has been sounding for years, but falling into the abyss of delusional minds and the deaf ears of the brainwashed masses. It is, in my opinion, far too late for even a remote resurgence of the rule of law and republican virtues. The entire political and socioeconomic system, from the highest office to the corporate boardrooms of America’s dominant transnational corporations has become nothing by rotten flesh, corrupted, if not simply evil.  

However, it will be critical for many more Americans to have a firm grasp of the true nature of the diseases that are destroying, have destroyed this nation and our failed attempt at perpetuating the visions of our founders for a lasting republic of virtue, restraint, liberty and freedom. Critical for a rebirth of a nation or confederation of nations based on absolute individual sovereignty. The ancient Athenians might have told us that our experiment was doomed from the start, in fact it seemingly was. But the arrow of time moves forward and the constructive, positive evolution of humanity will eventually lead to a more effective construct for civilization. As Hegel said, the history of man is nothing more nor less than man’s march towards freedom. So it has been and so it will be again. Unfortunately, getting there is going to be a very, very painful process which many of us will not live to see through.

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