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Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead

–Aristotle, 384-322-B.C.

No democracy can survive with as ignorant a people as exists in this nation today. No society, no civilization can remain free when the vast majority of the population is as stupid, ignorant and brainwashed as the citizens of the United States are today. We have been intentionally dumbed down over the past 100 years by the educated progressive fascist elites who were so confident in their methods many of them discussed their purpose and methodologies publicly because they knew we were already past the point of no-return many, many years ago. Now, the American people have collectively reached the stage of imbecility, docile and totally compliant dependent on the largess of the ruling intelligentsia feeding us all a constant stream of propaganda and illusions remotely removed from reality. We are heading toward at best a benign slavery, although I think that status has already been achieved. More than likely, however, we are now on a short path into an authoritarian, harsh police state where our slavery will become far more complete.

Like the frog in the pot with the flame lapping at its base, most of us have not become aware of our impending fate. Most of us may not even care. For is not the egregiously wide and for some reason beyond normal comprehension, grotesque derriere of Kim Kardashian more important than knowledge and freedom? Such is the power of brainwashing. It may not really matter anymore who a brainless culture, totally lacking in civic knowledge, votes for the Presidency in the elections in 2016, if they happen at all, but if Hillary, or even Jeb Bush are elected, our decent into the abyss of totalitarian dictatorship will be assured.

Evil is winning and total chaos is on our doorsteps.

Commentary: Let me start by saying what this article isn’t.This isn’t an article about Hillary Clinton (in fact, for the rest of the article, I’m simply going to talk about the “Secretary of State” or “Secretary”). This isn’t an article about records retention and access and possible motivations around that. And it’s not about questions of the law.This article is about actions that we know the Secretary of State took, and what it means from the point of view of information security.Information security is the most important point in this whole situation, in my opinion. And because of the usual political nonsense, it’s getting lost and we can’t afford for it to get lost: it relates directly to critical matters of national security.From this point of view, the facts are nearly undisputed. The Secretary of State did not use an email account that was hosted on an official State Department server. Instead, she used an email account on an outside server.

All accounts indicate that this email account was used exclusively: the Secretary never used an official State Department email account hosted on State Department servers. And reports indicate that this email account was hosted on a physical server that was not physically under government control or protection. Some reports have even indicated that it was located in the Secretary’s personal residence. Some reports have characterized this as a “homebrew” server, and that’s apt and accurate.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly eight in 10 Democrats (79%) have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. Should she seek her party’s 2016 presidential nomination, she would begin the campaign with a commanding lead in favorability ratings over several potential Democratic opponents, including a 15-percentage-point advantage over Vice President Joe Biden and 42-point margin over Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

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