Why this Ebola outbreak is by far the worst we’ve ever seen

Humanitarian or another hypocritical example of never letting a “good crisis go to waste” as Africa is the last frontier for globalist expansion? There is always a hidden purpose, always.

18 September 2014 – The Security Council, in its first emergency meeting on a public health crisis, today declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to peace and security, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that the United Nations will deploy a new emergency health mission to combat one of most horrific diseases on the planet that has shattered the lives of millions.

“This international mission, to be known as the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, or UNMEER, will have five priorities: stopping the outbreak, treating the infected, ensuring essential services, preserving stability and preventing further outbreaks,” Mr. Ban told the Security Council.

“Under the leadership of a Special Representative of the Secretary-General, the Mission will bring together the full range of UN actors and expertise in support of national efforts,” he said, adding that details of the mission were sent in a letter to the Security Council and the UN General Assembly.

The Secretary-General said the mission’s effectiveness will depend crucially on support from the international community.

“Our best estimate is that we need a 20-fold increase in assistance,” he said. The United Nations this week outlined a set of critical needs totalling almost $1 billion over the next six months.

Mr. Ban spoke before the Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution, sponsored by 131 countries – reportedly more than any other sponsors of a resolution to date in the chamber – “determining that the unprecedented extent of the Ebola outbreak in Africa constitute a threat to international peace and security.”

via United Nations News Centre – UN announces mission to combat Ebola, declares outbreak ‘threat to peace and security’.

Why this Ebola outbreak is by far the worst we’ve ever seen – Vox.