WikiLeaks: Google & Al-Jazeera Encouraged Civil War In Syria–American Games Of Empire

MENLO PARK, California — Tech giant Google collaborated with Al-Jazeera to develop an interactive online tool to encourage defections during the Syrian civil war, according to emails in WikiLeaks’ archive of Hillary Clinton’s emails.“Please keep close hold, but my team is planning to launch a tool on Sunday that will publicly track and map the defections in Syria and which parts of the government they are coming from,” wrote Jared Cohen, the founder and director of Google Ideas, of the proposed online tool in a July 25, 2012 email sent to Jacob J. Sullivan, deputy secretary of state under Clinton.

WikiLeaks Google amp Al-Jazeera Encouraged Civil War In Syria

CIA Director John Brennan raised the issue of political transition in Syria during his visit to Russia in early March, according to the US embassy in Moscow.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — CIA Director John Brennan discussed with Russian officials the importance of respecting commitments on ceasefire in Syria as well as the need for Bashar Assad’s departure to ensure political transition in the war-torn country during his visit to Russia in early March, the press-secretary of the US embassy in Moscow said Monday.

“Director Brennan traveled to Russia in early March to emphasize with Russian officials the importance of Russia and the Assad regime following through on their agreements to implement the cessation of hostilities in Syria,” William Stevens told RIA Novosti.

“Director Brennan also reiterated the US government’s consistent support for a genuine political transition in Syria, and the need for Assad’s departure in order to facilitate a transition that reflects the will of the Syrian people,” Stevens said.

Russia Questions the West’s Silence on Syria’s Strategic Victory against ISIS in Palmyra

The Russian embassy in the UK has publicly questioned why the British government has failed to address the retaking of Palmyra from ISIS militants. The Sunday recapture by the Syrian government was made possible with the help of Russian airstrikes.

Calling the retaking a “major victory over Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” the embassy tweeted that the British Foreign Office and the government branch dedicated to defeating the group has failed to acknowledge the efforts.

Later on Monday, the UK Foreign Office said it welcomed action against IS, but laid responsibility for the conflict and the fate of the UNESCO World Heritage site on “the Syrian regime.”

…It is the Syrian regime that is ultimately responsible for this conflict. It is deeply regrettable that the iconic site of Palmyra has become a pawn in the wider Syrian conflict,” a Foreign Office spokesman told Sputnik.

(Complete Bullshit, It is America and our vassal states in NATO and the Gulf that are responsible for the Syrian war–and for ISIS, Islamic Terror and the death of millions.)

The only way out of [the Syrian conflict] is a political settlement,” he added.

Russia Questions the Wests Silence on Syrias Strategic Victory against ISIS in Palmyra