Will Europe Refuse to Kneel like the Heroic French Priest?

And yet, Merkel insists on pursuing her open borders policies, despite the obvious risks of losing her job? Why?

It defies logic that the global power elite are all suffering, at the same time, from a virulent virus of stupidity, irrationality, obtusity and loss of empathy for the citizens of the nations they were supposedly elected to serve. So, if not infected with universal incompetence, PC brainwashing or incapacitated from mind control technologies from some extraterrestrial alien world there is only one question that must be asked, only one: Why?

Nothing occurs in the macro world of national or international politics that is not driven, in one form or another, by the quest for power and control. This is true of for all the players in the “great game”, from what’s left of nation-states to the power elites, corporations, technocratic bureaucracies and wealthy dynasties that rule them.  Several years ago, before becoming Germany’s Chancellor, this former East German chemist and politician, was vocally opposed to the Turkish Muslim immigration problem that was causing, even then, a backlash from right-wing groups and skinheads.

merkelklappseNow, in the face of a rising chorus of opposition from the German people she is supposed to serve, Angela Merkel is insisting on continuing the policies of the Muslim invasion. It is too convenient, too simple, to assume that she has been deluded by the PC memes that have intentionally infected the masses with a lemming like self-destruction. Nor is it likely that this ironborn political tactician has succumbed to the pervasive German war guilt that the West and global elites have indoctrinated in the German masses from childbirth in order to keep the German people docile and irrational. Power and control, but for what purpose?

The chaos of terrorism in France has led to virtual martial law being extended once again. Belgium is in the same mode. Germany is very likely next, that is if all goes according to Merkel and the globalist plans. Nato member Turkey has, almost overnight, has become a true police state migrating to a totalitarian state. Can everything going on be designated as pure coincidence, happenstance or just a world managed by total incompetents ?

This is what we are expected to believe. It is not remotely possible that the Muslim invasion of Europe was not anticipated by Merkel, NATO and the bureaucratic elites in Brussels and the capitals of the EU member states after the American financed and backed Sunni Islamic radicals, a proxy for direct intervention by the Empire to oust Assad, caused humanitarian chaos in Syria and the Levant. All of which was a well document and planned goal of the neocons of PNAC since the 1990’s.

merkelThe chaos of Islamic terrorism in Europe, as well as in the United States, serves a purpose, the same purpose as the civil and racial unrest sown by Obama and his acolytes: Chaos. For out of chaos comes order. However, the order we are heading towards is one imposed upon a fragile civilization by the global power elites with the coercive power of a technologically advanced police state that would make Orwell and Huxley cringe.  Expect the unrest to accelerate in Germany and in America, the cry for order from the people will be well met. It will be well met by the force of the State.

Go around Europe these days: you will find not a single rally to protest the murder of Father Jacques Hamel. The day an 85-year-old priest was killed in a French church, nobody said “We are all Catholics”.

Even Pope Francis, in front of the most important anti-Christian event on Europe’s soil since the Second World War, stood silent and said that Islamists look “for money”. The entire Vatican clergy refused to say the word “Islam”.

Ritually, after each massacre, Europe’s media and politicians repeat the story of “intelligence failures” — a fig leaf to avoid mentioning Islam and its project of the conquest of Europe. It is the conventional code of conduct after any Islamist attack.

Europe looks condemned to a permanent state of siege. But what if, one day, after more bloodshed and attacks in Europe, Europe’s governments begin negotiating, with the mainstream Islamic organizations, the terms of submission of democracies to Islamic sharia law? Cartoons about Mohammed have already disappeared from the European media, and the scapegoating of Israel and the Jews started long time ago. After the attack at the church, the French media decided even to stop publishing photos of the terrorists. This is the brave response to jihad by our mainstream media

Will Europe Refuse to Kneel like the Heroic French Priest

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