They Will Never Give Up Power–Willingly- We Are At The Very Start Of A Long Fight

Despotism has so often been established in the name of liberty that experience should warn us to judge parties by their practices rather than their preachings.

–Raymond Aron, The Opium of the Intellectuals

From Aristotle to modern historians, five particular risk factors have received special attention: (1) the distribution of wealth and the health of the middle class, (2) the impact of recent economic or political shocks, (3) the lack of satisfaction of rising expectations, (4) the perception of unfairness in the distribution of wealth, and (5) the history and efficacy of institutions in the society.

Trust is a central element in any democracy. Citizens give up a certain amount of power over their own lives in the belief that the government will act in their interests. Without trust, people become unwilling to cede power to government. Without trust, government itself eventually becomes ineffective, or provokes active conflict, as people lose confidence that leaders will be able to fulfill their responsibilities. Government statements come to be viewed as meaningless propaganda.

RevolutionIn this extreme situation, government policies designed to promote the long-term health of the society are ignored as individuals worry about their own immediate well-being. The social fabric that holds the society together begins to unravel. This occurred in the late years of the Soviet Union when there was an extraordinarily high degree of cynicism toward the government. The government of Louis XVI was almost universally mistrusted before the French Revolution. At the time of the American Revolution the colonists lost trust in the British Parliament.

–It Could Happen Here (Bruce Judson)

Human beings are actors in a story. We are the growing point of an unfinished epic. The answer to the existential questions must lie in history, and that, of course, is the approach taken by the humanities. But conventional history by itself is truncated, in both its timeline and its perception of the human organism. History makes no sense without prehistory, and prehistory makes no sense without biology.

==The Social Conquest of Earth (Edward O. Wilson)

With the success of the Brexit campaign we can be assured that the rest of the EU will start to unravel over the next few years, if not far sooner. The idea of one unified European State was an absurdity.The still embryonic revolution is not simply about economics, it is about culture, history, nationalism, community and democracy.  More importantly, it is about rejecting the financialization of the post-industrial world with all of its new power elites that, along with the  massive expansion in undemocratic bureaucratic rule, have divorced wealth from any sense of value added productive contributions to a capitalist system teetering on self-induced immolation.

The revolution that is only just really unfolding, will be fanned to a conflagration of global epic proportions as the house of cards that is the crony-finance capitalist system comes tumbling down. Brexit is not the catalyst, Brexit is not only a symptom, but also the solution.

The centralized system of autocratic control was inevitably to be met with the opposite and stronger centrifugal forces of decentralization and human individual sovereignty and freedom.  But the powers that have been herding humanity, once again, towards a transnational technocratic command system will not lay down their privileged existences without a fight. This revolution will ultimately follow those throughout history that have resulted in bloodshed before the next phase of human societal development successfully emerging.

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The Death of Liberal Democracy? – (From Gods and Radicals website)

On Friday, June 24th, 2016, a majority of people voting in a referendum in the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union.

On June 19th, 2016, the Mexican state began arresting and killing striking teachers in Oaxaca.

On June 17th, 2016, French workers filled the streets of every major city as part of a general strike against a new labor law.

Though each of these three events involved radically different circumstances, politics, and players, they are alike in one specific way: they are reactions to State power and its collusion with Capital.  That is, they are also crises of Liberal Democracy.

To compare the three may seem initially irresponsible. Many people have died in the latest uprising in Oaxaca, while no one has died in France from the strikes. And despite a leader of the Brexit campaign stating that ‘no shots were fired’ in the movement to leave the European Union, one Labor MP was indeed killed by a far-right gunman for her insistence that the UK remain as part of the EU.

The Death of Liberal Democracy

Source: The Death of Liberal Democracy? – GODS & RADICALS