Will the Taliban take over in Afghanistan?

Very likely a very dumb question.

dumb-questionsAbout three months before most U.S. and U.K. troops are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan, the future of the Central Asian country looks increasingly uncertain. Taliban fighters seized control of a strategic district in the province of Ghazni, southwest of Kabul, Friday, Al-Jazeera reported. Their military victory comes at a time when political instability in Kabul has fed fears the country could well fall to the Taliban after foreign forces withdraw, as BBC News indicated a while ago.

“Of course the Taliban can take the country back,” said James Carafano, vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the Heritage Foundation in Washington. “I feel like we [the U.S.] are making the same mistakes in Afghanistan that we made in Iraq, which is when things got quiet we took the safety net away and stood back and wondered why it fell apart.” (The Heritage Foundation describes itself as a think tank promoting conservative public policies: No media reports link its funding to official sources in either Afghanistan or Iraq.)

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Will the Taliban take over in Afghanistan?

Later this year, the last remaining British and American troops will pull out of Afghanistan. Will the Afghans be able to cope or will the Taliban take over? For The Editors, a programme which sets out to ask challenging questions, I decided to find out.395215642_e2dc4ed34c

From the end of this year Afghanistan will be on its own. No matter how bad things get, no American or British government will come back to help.

So once the Afghan national forces are left largely to their own devices, will they be able to cope with the challenge? Or will theTaliban win the war, and control Afghanistan as they did from 1996 to 2001?

Most experts think the chances of an outright Taliban victory are slight. ( Most experts? Experts at what, understanding Afghanistan?) 

Nowadays the Afghan army and police are an impressive body of men (and to a relatively small extent, of women), who have been thoroughly trained and show a real pride in themselves.

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