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The one aspect of the rebuttal to David Hodges concerns that I definitely disagree with is that “they took an oath” to defend the Constitution. So did Eric Holder, so did President Obama–and all of the political leaders of this country. Did they not? No offense to the men in uniform or those that once served, but the question does demand some thought. Good men and women will, under orders and in the haze of propaganda and lies do things that they would not do otherwise. History has proven this over and over again. This is why the constant barrage of misinformation about the threat of patriots and those who would uphold the Constitution of this nation over any administration holding power, theoretically elected or not, is so telling. The groundwork is being laid for doubt. Doubt sows indecision and both create the conditions to follow the commands of ones superiors, particularly when supported by group and peer unity.  Americans are not genetically different nor wired sociologically than any other human being on the planet, not one from Hitler’s Germany, nor one from any other nation where a “civilized” army followed the commands of their Generals, President or Führer. The cohesion  of group identification in times of chaos and civil unrest and even fictitious, irrational threats becomes stronger than the identification with a broader associations with more inclusive concepts as nation and State. The American civil war blood letting is example enough. 

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show recently penned, The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens. Wether you agree or disagree with his analysis is up to you, I am not here to say they will or will not. Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, penned Rebuttal: Here’s Why I Do NOT Believe American Soldiers Will Fire on Protesting American Citizens stating she believed they would not. Personally, I believe some would, but the vast majority would uphold their Oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it was no accident these words were incorporated into the only document the world as ever known that was specifically designed to protect the people from their government. It was no accident that when the defensive forces for the United States were born the Oath to defend the Constitution, and not the government, was described in detail. When Stewart Rhodes founded Oath Keepers his goal was to drive home this Oath to the people who swore before God and country. “Not on our watch” is their motto.

We live in a time that is as unstable as the world has ever seen. The instability is not confined to a particular region or group of people or even a nation. It is global. This global instability has been brought on by the banksters, the central banking system specifically and to pinpoint the exact demon, the Federal Reserve system in the United States. With the power to control the worlds currency, the sociopaths have token charge of most of the worlds economies. This is not speculation on my part. When Rothschild uttered his famous quote about being in charge of a nations money, he wasn’t kidding and, sadly, he was spot on. When the sociopaths at the Federal Reserve began their reign of terror in the United States the world was just beginning to recover from World War I and the banksters in the United States had just about destroyed the economy of the country. Their gambling on the stock market had put them on the brink of insolvency. Sound familiar? It should, it is exactly where we have been starting in 2007 or earlier.

When the Twin Towers came down in 2001 everything changed. The federal government, in concert with the banksters, began taking over the “security” of our country. Mister cheney did all he could to put into place an absolute police state through fear, terror tactics and legislation. OBomba has actually built on this legacy left by the bush/cheney regime and ramped everything up to the next level. Militarized police, executive orders that are dictatorial in nature along with escalating the unConstitutional wars around the world. Not only has obomba continued the program of unConstitutional wars, but he began seeking direction from the UN in regards to the obombing of Libya.

With this as the back drop I ask you, will they fire on us? Will we awaken to find people in uniforms in our neighborhoods pointing weapons at us? Maybe we should ask the citizens of Ferguson, MO; or the citizens in Waco, TX; or the Weaver family in Ruby Ridge, ID; or the Bundy family in Bunkerville, NV; or ask the families of the Kent State students. Maybe they can answer this question. If history is one of our best teachers, this is a lesson we should all study a little more intently.

Below is a conversation between Daisy Luther and myself. I wanted to share with her a couple of recent personal experiences and follow up on her Rebuttal article. If you have had any experience as described in the conversation please share below.

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