When Will the UN Be Held to Account for Failing to Protect Civilians? Answer Below.

Nothing was more integral to Progressivism than its extravagant faith in administration. Nothing was more integral to Progressivism than its extravagant faith in administration. The heart of Progressivism, as historian Robert Wiebe famously summarized it, was its ambition to “fulfill its destiny through bureaucratic means.”

photo (2)It was the progressives who fashioned the new sciences of society, founded the modern American university, invented the think tank, and created the American administrative state, institutions still at the center of American public life and still defined by the progressive values that formed and instructed them.

Progress, the economic progressives argued, now required the visible hand of a powerful administrative state, guided by expert social scientists—a model of economic governance progressives borrowed from scientific management.

==Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, and American Economics in the Progressive Era (Leonard, Thomas C.)

Remind me again, what was Einstein’s definition of insanity?

The progressive-socialist-fascist Administrative State has been proven by facts, hard, bare and observable facts, to be innately corrupt, totally self-centered and expansive for the sole purpose of power, control and entrenched permanence over and over again around the world, untethered to time and geography.

And yet, the vision of a world controlled and directed by experts and intellectual, corporate and political elites who somehow, because of their reason and lofty mental prowess have discovered the Truth, a truth denied to all who disagree simply by virtue of their anachronistic mental constructs and lack of proper education, never dies.  

images UNThe progressives humanist faith, whose arrogant transnational power elites exude an almost Uriah Heep like smarminess in imposing on the great unwashed a system of servitude that we are told is for our own well-being and the collective good of society, of course all under the umbrella of an all powerful administrative state ruled by themselves, are blind to history and facts that do not support their absurd belief system.

All bureaucracies become corrupt, if they are not already so from their initial inception. The reliance of the true progressive that in reality knows not the party label, Democrat and Republican, on the skills of their own kind is about as undemocratic a belief system as one can imagine. It leads to a self-centered egoistic drive towards tyranny. It leads to the belief in one world government to be administered by the super elites and their experts. It leads to the need to destroy the perceived impediments to the processes of the evolving technocracy , such as the nation-state, community, family, christianity and the obliteration of all of the “mystic chords of memory” that support a people’s affinity for one culture over another.

galactic-senate-3_9351812cThere are so many glaring examples of the insanity of the core progressive, socialist mantra, but the case of the corruption within the United Nations that has likely existed since its very founding, is a damn good one. The instances of deep corruption from the very top officers in New York and other administrative outposts to the very regional fields where the UN consistently destroys the cause of justice and humanity are legion, and these are only the instances that we are aware of thru whistleblowers or outsiders have discovered the truth.  

America and the world are on a path of self-enslavement for a god that has been proven to be consistently false. This is the definition of insanity.

The answer to the title pages question is: NEVER.

This month, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights revealed the massive scale of abuse against civilians in South Sudan last year. Its report is unflinching in describing rape, killing and torture – all part of what it calls a ‘scorched earth policy’ against civilians by government forces. Quite rightly, it suggests mechanisms that should be instigated to hold perpetrators of these crimes to account. However, the report fails to raise questions about the UN’s own accountability in situations such as these.

The UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is made up of 12,500 peacekeepers under a Chapter VII mandate to protect civilians. As part of this mandate, UNMISS peacekeepers are supposed to ‘address violence against women and girls as a tool of warfare’, among other requirements to protect civilians under threat of physical violence. While the UN provides shelter to about 200,000 people in their protection of civilians (POC) sites, the recent report is surely testament to the failure, at least in part, of this mandate, cataloguing horrific abuses against thousands of civilians.

When Will the UN Be Held to Account for Failing to Protect Civilians

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