Women Defend Yourselves – 1 Out Of Every Women In Sweden Will Be Raped–BY MUSLIMS

This multicultural PC moral relativism is beyond insane. How absurd are the American women parading around wearing hijabs and covered heads in sympathies with the misogynistic, anti-LGBT, wife beating culture. It is not all Muslims, but it is so with the the vast majority of them. Islam is a religion of violence, rape and human degradation for all but the male elites. The candy coated, totally irrational and self-destructive brainwashing memes of the progressive fascist left has resulted in a political madness and moral blindness that is very likely beyond anything ever seen in human history.

The power of the machinery of mass mind control and brainwashing has reached its long sought perfection. When a European woman can be violently beaten and raped by a Muslim, many times in gangs, and after recovering as best that is possible, and not blame the sick culture and religion that is Islam, at least of the tribal culture that represents almost all of the “refugees”, something is seriously wrong with our culture and sense of self-worth.  It is all working as it should, at least according to the well documented plans of the globalist elites since the times of Adam Weishaupt. Soros is a criminal and a seditious, however, he is just one among an elite power structure that will do everything it can to keep their train of human slavery from falling off of the tracks. Europe, certainly Sweden is now irretrievably lost to all but those who will literally rape it.

A government sanctioned video propagating “new Swedes will claim their space, bringing their culture, language and habits, and it’s time to see this as a positive force” and “native Swedes should integrate” in this new reality.

Just before Christmas last year, a refugee from Syria forced a 13-year-old girl whom he met through Snapchat into the bathroom of a school in Northern Sweden. He locked the door and, according to the indictment, raped her, both vaginally and anally. After the rape, the man threatened the girl with violent reprisals if she would tell anyone. When apprehended, he stated to the police that the “sex was voluntary.” However, the forensic pathologist found that the girl had injuries consistent with her story. Nonetheless, he was acquitted of abuse, as the court said it was unclear what exactly was said.

Shortly after this rape went to trial, he was indicted for a separate case, in which he was accused of raping a 14-year-old. He had known her a few days, and according to him, their intercourse was also voluntary. This time, the District Court agreed with him, even though the girl is below Sweden’s age of consent, as she would only turn 15 in a few weeks. This was close enough for the judge, however, so he concluded it wasn’t rape, just sexual exploitation of a child.

The masterstroke of justice had yet to come. At trial, the man told the court that, despite the Immigration Board’s verdict that he was born in 1998, he was actually born in 1999. Which made him seventeen, at the time of the crimes. The judge concluded that he was probably telling the truth, so he was tried as a minor. He got a reduced sentence, which means a man who raped two girls younger than 15 years old, got away with a prison sentence of only two months and probation.

Condell Women Defend Yourselves

1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500

Several young gang-rapists started laughing in a Belgian court while yelling:

“women should not complain, they should listen to men.”

The seven ‘men’ were seen in a video where they are standing around an unconscious girl who is lying on a bed, then seen pulling down her pants and raping her. Also in the video, they are dancing around the victim and singing songs in Arabic.

The gang of perpetrators, aged 14 (!) to 25, consist of five Iraqi nationals, and two who hold Belgian citizenship. At least two of them are currently in their asylum procedure. When asked, one of them said: “the girl asked us to grab her”. This is extremely unlikely, since she is seen on the video hardly moving at all. This monstrous event happened last November and was discovered by a schoolteacher in Oostende (Belgium) last week. One of the boys, who is only 14 years old, was showing off pictures of himself on his mobile phone wearing an army uniform and sporting an automatic rifle. The teacher informed the police, who confiscated the phone, and later found the gang-rape video.