Yemen: Russia, Red Cross Demand halt to Bombing to Avert Humanitarian Catastrophe & War With Russia (long planned)

Sir Michael Howard, observed during the last days of the Soviet Union: ‘No serious historian any longer argues that Stalin ever had any intention of moving his forces outside the area he occupied in Eastern Europe.’

There were strong doubts about the American attitude in the mind of Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary during Churchill’s wartime leadership and a veteran of dealings with the Kremlin. He regarded the Soviet position after the end of the war as driven by natural motives of defense.

In short, the threat was a hallucination. The USA’s Central Intelligence Agency carried out a study in 1946 which concluded that the shattered Soviet Union would not even be in a position to wage a war for fifteen years. Yet the fear of a Russian onslaught persisted. The sheer size of the Red Army, only slowly being demobilised, was regularly advanced as evidence of malign intentions. But the desire to retain large forces against the possibility of another German revival plus the need – as Moscow saw it – to maintain a grip on Eastern Europe was logical.

The myth of Soviet blame remains readily, even eagerly, swallowed. The alternative is the disconcerting thought for the West that forty years of very high risk could have been were averted and that forty years of heavy expenditure was unnecessary. Pride in having ‘won’ the Cold War would have to be replaced by shame that it had ever been allowed to develop. It would also follow that the USA, the world’s dominant power for over half a century, was incapable of intelligently pursuing the primary aim of foreign policy: peace. It implies something fundamentally wrong with the American approach to the rest of the world, that it is capable of seeing states which are not a real threat as enemies. Any state which is treated as an enemy is always liable to become one. American foreign policy is at least as likely to conjure up foes as it is to maintain friends.

In September 1946, Soviet Ambassador in Washington, Andrei Novikov summarized the purposes and motives of American foreign policy. They had become as clear to him as the Kremlin’s were to Kennan. Novikov explained in 4,000 words that ‘American monopoly capitalism’ was aiming at world domination.

Kennan Mk I was surprisingly insensitive about Soviet security fears. He stated at one point that with Germany and Japan eliminated, it was ‘sheerest nonsense’ for Moscow to fear military attack from anyone. But as the Russians could remember, German military power had been severely limited by the Treaty of Versailles. Yet little more than a decade later Hitler embarked on a rearmament campaign which produced a vast war machine. If Kennan could not foresee the possibility of another German revival, the Russians certainly could. And with the new Federal Republic of Germany called on by the West to rearm (less than a decade after Kennan’s comments), Soviet apprehension could hardly be deemed ‘sheerest nonsense’. It was certainly

The Americans also had their own ideas about inevitability: the eventual global triumph of democracy and liberal capitalism. Like the Soviets, they too were convinced that time and example was on their side.

That meant a world where American business could flourish on the international stage, untrammelled by the tariff wars and economic chauvinism which had impoverished everyone in the interwar years.

Novikov emphasising American ambitions to open up markets throughout the world for the access of trade and capital. The fact that the war had left the USA with military bases all round the world which it showed no sign of vacating underlined the American desire in Novikov’s analysis to encircle the Soviet Union.12

Yet Kennan himself was later to say that he looked back on the Long Telegram ‘with a sort of horrified amusement’. It might have been written, he said in his memoirs, for the (fiercely conservative) Daughters of the American Revolution. He was to go on in the 1950s to preach the virtues of détente with the Soviets.

===America and the Imperialism of Ignorance: US Foreign Policy Since 1945 (Alexander, Andrew)

America and NATO can bomb Libya back to the stone age, destroy its entire economy and leave it in a murderous climate of tribal warfare over the remote and totally over-hyped and propagandized threat to the revolting (in more ways than one) city of Benghazi by a leader who had finally become a friend of the American Empire, murdering thousands and its OK. The American Empire condones, directs and very likely participates in the invasion of a sovereign nation of 25 million people by the totalitarian dictators of the Gulf Arab states resulting in significant civilian deaths of men, women and children and more to come, because there is an internal sectarian civil war in that country and its OK.

Furthermore, the invading armies are of the same religious sect of a murderous religion that has given birth to, and supports directly, the terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS, Americas supposed sworn enemies and its OK. Its OK, because the country being invaded was once mostly part of the dictatorship nation long ruled by one family and much blood had been shed there over several centuries. Its OK, because the invaders are very rich “friends” of the American Empire and buy enormous amounts of military hardware from them and allow major military bases of the empire to provide protection to the Gulf dictatorships. This is all OK, despite the fact that the invading nations whom the American Empire supports suppress their woman, perform beheadings on a regular basis and imprison, whip and torture those who not only threaten their power, but even tenuously insult their terrorist spawning religion.

But, a nation that has been invaded countless times over the centuries by the nations on and near their borders and that shed the blood of tens of millions of their citizens to defend their sovereignty becomes concerned, downright rambunctious, if not even a tad bellicose because the same nations that had once invaded or threatened them have encircled their nation with armies, missiles and the most sophisticated, destructive tools of coercive power ever known does not have the right to act accordingly? Saudi Arabia can invade Yemen, choosing sides in an internal civil war raining death upon its people because Yemen is on their border and America approves and yet Russia, who has considerably more historical rights and economic interests at stake, is damned by the American Empire and it’s NATO toadies, because it is interfering in a civil war, not for the whole of Ukraine, but a portion of it comprised of a majority of ethnic and Russian speaking citizens, is not only condemned but clearly being threatened by the aggressive moves of the Empire.

Why? Because Russia refused to become part of the American Empire, an empire not of physical occupation as in the olden days, but of cultural, corporate and financial occupation–exactly what they accurately predicted would be the risks associated with the then just fully blossomed American finance capitalist empire following World War Two. (PLEASE READ the enclosed telegram to the Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov) Because our voracious appetite for the empires expansion into the Ukraine and Baltic’s (and Iran) is enhanced by our accelerating decline. Because NATO is a giant, blood sucking military bureaucracy of generals and others seeking purpose, driven by the universal laws of bureaucratic expansion that requires not only constant need of justification, but must grow in size and purpose in order to survive.

Almost everything being fed the American people by the Empire and its servants within the Mainstream Media that is about Russia, the Ukraine, the Middle East is a lie. There is only one driving force to the American crony capitalist fascism; expanding, if not now simply preserving, the wealth and power of the overextended, morally and financially bankrupt system that is defined as a democracy. An imploding empire is a very dangerous global risk. Putin knows this and so, it would seem from the polls that the rest of the world understands this as well. Having a radically narcissist, perhaps a tad deranged President as head of the American Empire makes the risks to the world even greater. 


If the Israeli’s were doing this the world would be screaming bloody murder:

The Red Cross and the Russian Federation are both demanding a temporary cease-fire in the aerial bombardment of Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition, to allow delivery of needed humanitarian goods.

Two weeks of bombing have left some 500 Yemenis dead and 1700 more wounded. Dozens of the killed or wounded are children.

The Red Cross wrote:

“Hospitals and clinics treating the streams of wounded from across much of Yemen are running low on life-saving medicines and equipment. In many parts of the country, the population is also suffering from fuel and water shortages, while food stocks are quickly depleting. Dozens of people are being killed and wounded every day. The streets of Aden are strewn with dead bodies, and people are afraid to leave their homes.”

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The German city of Frankfurt is continental Europe’s largest financial center and host to the country’s Stock Exchange, countless other financial institutions, and the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) which is responsible for administering the monetary policy of the 18-nation Eurozone. The place is awash with money, as demonstrated by the plush new ECB office building which is costing a fortune.

The original price of the bank’s enormous palace was supposed to be 500 million euros, about 550 million dollars, but the bill has now been admitted as €1.3 billion (£930 m; $1.4 bn). This absurdly over-expensive fiasco was directed by the people who are supposed to steer the financial courses of 18 nations and their half billion unfortunate citizens. If the ECB displays similar skill sets in looking after Europe’s money as it has in controlling the cost of constructing its huge twin-tower headquarters, then Europe is in for a rocky time.

Intriguingly, the Bank isn’t alone in contributing to Europe’s bureaucratic building boom. There is another Europe-based organization of equal ambition, pomposity and incompetence which is building a majestically expensive and luxurious headquarters with a mammoth cost overrun about which it is keeping very quiet indeed.

The perpetrator of this embarrassing farce is NATO, the US-Canada-European North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is limping out of Afghanistan licking its wounds, having been fighting a bunch of sandal-wearing rag-clad amateur irregulars who gave the hi-tech forces of the West a very hard time in a war whose outcome was predictable. But the debacle hasn’t dimmed the vision of the zealous leaders of NATO who are confronting Russia in order to justify the existence of their creaking, leaking, defeated dinosaur. Their problem is not only do they lose wars, but they then look for another one to fight — to be directed from a glittery new and vastly expensive building whose cost has soared above all estimates.

Just like NATO’s wars.[gview file=””]

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NATO missile shield in Europe stays, despite understanding over ‘nuclear Iran fairy-tale

nato US nuclear sitesNATO is developing its rapid response forces and is boosting its infrastructure near our borders, we are registering attempts to violate nuclear parity and the creation of the European and Asia-Pacific segments of the missile defense systems is being sped up,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week.

Despite a negotiated understanding with Tehran on the nuclear issue, the US is still going ahead with its missile defense installations in Europe, being deployed over a perceived threat from “nuclear Iran” – a pretext which Moscow called a “fairytale.”“The threat to NATO countries posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles continues to increase… the framework [of the Iran nuclear program] agreement does not change that fact,” NATO’s spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told Sputnik.Russia’s deputy Prime Minister and a former representative of Moscow to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, was quick to react saying that despite the understanding reached in Switzerland, the controversial missile shield in Europe stays because “the Missile Defense System was never about Iran.”

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Besides admitting that he was stupid, this exchange from the Pentagon with a reporter is beyond Orwellian, it is totally surreal.

The attacks lasted for 11 weeks and resulted in the deaths of between 1,200 and 4,000 people, according to different sources.

NATO caused heavy damage to Serbia’s infrastructure, economy, schools, health institutions, media outlets, monuments of culture.

The western military alliance made the decision to attack Serbia without the approval of the UN Security Council, which represented a precedent.

The order was given to its then commander, U.S. General Wesley Clark by then NATO Secretary General Javier Solana.

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via Serbia: Sixteen Years Since NATO’s First Full-Fledged War | Stop NATO…Opposition to global militarism.

Ukraine Today

March 16, 2015

Bulgaria and the US holding joint military drills

Over the weekend Bulgaria held military drills jointly with the US; the first in a series of exercises to be conducted over the next three and a half months according to the Bulgarian defence ministry.

This comes following exercises earlier this week in which NATO’s Black Sea members Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey joined four other NATO states – the United States, Canada, Germany and Italy – in a multi-national naval drill in the Black Sea.

The NATO drills took place just across the water from Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

Tensions between the US-led military alliance and Russia have escalated significantly in the past year following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and its subsequent support for militants in east Ukraine. As a result of the Kremlin’s actions NATO has stepped up its presence in eastern Europe and has sought especially to reassure the Baltic states, which border Russian and are home to significant Russian-speaking minorities.

via Bulgaria: U.S. Leads NATO Drills Across Black Sea From Crimea | Stop NATO…Opposition to global militarism.

Ukraine to be immediately given lethal weapon in case of increasing aggression – Poroshenko

KYIV: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is confident that the EU, the U.S. and other countries will continue to support Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity, inter alia with weapons, if necessary.

He announced this in an exclusive interview on 1+1 TV Channel, the presidential press service reported.

“If there is a new round of aggression against Ukraine, I can surely say that we will immediately receive both lethal weaponry and new wave of sanctions against the aggressor. We will act firmly and in a coordinated manner,” Poroshenko said.

The president said that Ukraine had contracts with some EU countries on the supply of weapons, including lethal ones. He said that the official embargo of the EU on arming Ukraine had been lifted.

Poroshenko described a decision by U.S. President Barack Obama to supply defensive weapons to Ukraine as crucial. According to him, this armament will increase preciseness and efficiency of the Ukrainian weapons.

In addition, thermal imagers and radars that detect motion help counteract reconnaissance and subversive groups of the enemy.

via Poroshenko: EU Lifts Official Embargo On Arms To Ukraine | Stop NATO…Opposition to global militarism.

NATO ready to consider Ukraine’s bid for membership

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

KYIV, March 21 /Ukrinform/. NATO is ready to consider the Ukraine’s bid for membership in the alliance, if Ukraine decides to submit it.

This has been stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels at the forum organized by the German Marshall Fund.

“It is up to Ukraine decide whether to submit the bid for NATO membership or not. Ukraine should decide that. If it submits, we will consider the application in the same way as we consider the application of any other country,” Ukrainian media quotes him.

In 2015, the units and the individual officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take part in 237 events of the individual partnership program with NATO.

via NATO ready to consider Ukraine s bid for membership| Ukrinform.

NATO Commander: West Must Fight Russia in Information ‘War’

BRUSSELS — Mar 22, 2015, 8:55 AM ET

 Associated Press

NATO’s supreme commander says the West must do more to counterRussia by employing a rapid-reaction approach to internet communications that counteracts Russia’s “false narratives” spread on social media.

Gen. Philip Breedlove said Sunday that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has been waging information warfare as part of its actions against Ukraine.

Breedlove said: “We need as a western group of nations or as an alliance to engage in this informational warfare. The way to attack the false narrative is to drag the false narrative into the light and expose it.”

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