Yes, I believe everything I am told…Secular Assad Bad, Islamic “Moderates” good, Order and control bad, chaos and death good—got it!

20140910_saudi1As there is so much garbage out there swirling around  following Obama’s rather odd, unemotional delivery of the American stance to rid the world of the ISIS, ISIL, IS of the Levant or whatever one wishes to call them, I am going to try and be very brief on this, but will likely fail!

1) Tell me again why Assad is an enemy of the United States and why America has been supporting the rebels against him from the very earliest days, well prior to their arrival on the stage of the American news media?

2) Who do you trust to determine who is a friendly Islamic rebel and who is not? John McCain, Obama, Hillary Clinton, the CIA and the perpetual war machinery of the military industrial complex?

If your answer to the first question is that Assad is just a bad guy and America is on a humanitarian mission as well as defending democratic values, as we have always done around the world, particularly in Latin America, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Malaysia, East Timor, Chile and only God knows how many other nations over the years then please do not pass go, head to the nearest bathroom, stick you head in the toilet and breath deeply.

If your answer to the second question is yes these are the people you trust then repeat the recommendation for the wrong answer given to the first question.

mccain-jihadFollowing 9/11, Assad’s Syria provided support for the US intelligence agencies and, perhaps unfortunately for he and his nations people, he also allowed Syria to provide “black sites” for CIA renditions and torture. Oops, as did Qaddafi as well. Though as the Iraq War became what it became with Arabs becoming a tad disgruntled with America and more and more Iraqi’s streamed into Syria seeking refuge without any support from the United States nor it’s allies, relations between the two countries frosted over again. But, you see Assad, a secular non-Islamic, relatively benign, Swiss educated dentist with a very fashion conscious wife ruled a nation whose major backers were Iran and Russia. Aha, wrong friends!!!

And, of course the old economic angle, Assad with Putin’s egging on, I am sure, denied over the years the Gulf Arab demands for a natural gas pipeline from Qatar ( whose gas abundance is overwhelming) through Syria, Turkey and into Europe which would be a huge boon for Qatar and Europe, whose dependency on Russian gas is so evident today as NATO and the US try to execute further their plans to reduce the gas “seniorage” of Russia, a nation that is also trying to dismantle the dollar from its absurd perch as the worlds reserve currency. Get the picture?JohnMccainMeetsSyrianrebels

So, in a nutshell: Clinton’s State Department along with the CIA fomented rebellion in Benghazi to entice Qaddafi to clamp down on an internal revolt ( there would never have been a general massacre as stated by Obama, never) so as to start a war so that we could have access to all of the armaments of the previously stable Libya to funnel to the “moderate” rebels, moderate because John McCain and the CIA said they were, in Syria so they could topple a stable regime that had been a bulwark against Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorism post 9/11, as had Saddam Hussein?

All because Assad had the wrong friends and refused a major gas pipeline, likely to be built by US corporations such as Halliburton and that the NATO nations craved in order to free themselves to crush a resurgent Russia? And American lives, American money and wealth are going to be and have already been squandered on this? Right, got it. It all makes such perfect sense does it not?

But the American Creel Commission and the ghost of Edward Bernays is pumping the citizens of this former democracy full of war testosterone like there is no tomorrow so 90% of us want war. Well, we are going to get it. Pray for this nation, but pray as well for the innocent lives we are going to destroy and for those we have already killed in this insane game on our Imperial Chess Board.

You want to end ISIS? You want to end Islamic terrorism in the Levant? Back the right horse, stop funding “moderates” who are anything but, determine who our real friends are over there ( guess what, none of our real friends wear the traditional headgear–lets call it a turban for Christ’s sake!) and end this stupid charade. But, we won’t.

Here are “moderates” in Syria in rebel held territories celebrating 9/11–America’s friends?

Oh, the beheading of an American by “radical” Islamists is morally worse than the beheading of a Muslim by “moderate” Islamists because America supports them–Got it, makes sense to me.

These “moderate” rebels have been getting $$hundreds of millions in military aid from Barack Hussein Obama and other Western countries.

Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East– (Snyder nails it, but does not really address the systemic nature of the issue–it is not Obama, for he is nothing but a puppet, a figurehead on the Imperial is the entire war system behind him )

Why would Barack Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups inside Syria that are selling weapons to ISIS and regularly fighting alongside them?  Is he really that clueless about what is going on in the Middle East?  The FSA and other groups of “moderate” fighters inside Syria do not consider ISIS to be an enemy.  Rather, they consider ISIS to be an important ally in the struggle to overthrow the Syrian government.  In fact, many “moderate” units have actually joined ISIS in recent months.  If Obama gives more weapons to the “moderate” fighters in Syria, it is inevitable that a lot of them will end up in the hands of ISIS.  In a previous article, I already discussed how ISIS is talking over vast stretches of Syria and Iraq using mostly American weapons.  If the Obama administration goes ahead with this plan to arm “moderates” in Syria, it is just going to make ISIS even stronger

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via Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East.

Assad’s Syria is determined to “eliminate” the Sunni extremist group Isis, according to a senior minister, who urged western countries to recognise “new realities” by joining the battle against terrorism and ending their support for rebels trying to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad.

“The only way to resolve the situation is to work with president Assad,” Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s vice foreign minister, told the Guardian. Mekdad said that “many countries” were now seeking security cooperation with Damascus, but “security matters could not be separated from the political cooperation”.

He rejected suggestions that Assad is in league with Isis, which controls large parts of northern and eastern Syria as well as contiguous areas of Iraq. Assad’s enemies accuse him of tolerating the group or tacitly cooperating with it to foment fighting between rival rebel units and present himself as a secular bulwark against al-Qaida and jihadi fanaticism.

“I know the rumours,” Mekdad said. “But to those who claim that Syria is not doing its best to combat this group, I answer that if these extremists – Jabhat al-Nusra, the Free [Syrian] Army and Isis – are killing themselves and fighting for more influence and expansion, do you think we are sad? But the Syrian army has its priorities and we shall decide what to do next.”

The Free Syrian Army, backed by the US, Britain, EU, Turkey and the Gulf states, insists that it is the only group capable of defeating Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra while bringing about democratic change in Syria. Isis – originally the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – now calls itself the Islamic State. Latest estimates say 170,000 people have been killed since the anti-Assad uprising began in March 2011. Millions have been made homeless.

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via Bashar al-Assad is west’s ally against Isis extremists, says Syria | World news | The Guardian.

Why do we never ask, who created this monster called ISIS? Who funded it and how was it allowed to live and thrive? For the sentient among you, the non-brainwashed, lobotomized of the world–I must quote the great Edward R, Murrow “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”