‘Yes or no?’ It Should be Obvious–Hillary Clinton is a Criminal–she has been for most of her life!

Each civilization is born in some inexplicable fashion and, after a slow start, enters a period of vigorous expansion, increasing its size and power, both internally and at the expense of its neighbors, until gradually a crisis of organization appears. When this crisis has passed and the civilization has been reorganized, it seems somewhat different. Its vigor and morale have weakened. It becomes stabilized and eventually stagnant. After a Golden Age of peace and prosperity, internal crises again arise. At this point there appears, for the first time, a moral and physical weakness which raises, also for the first time, questions about the civilization’s ability to defend itself against external enemies. Racked by internal struggles of a social and constitutional character, weakened by loss of faith in its older ideologies and by the challenge of newer ideas incompatible with its past nature, the civilization grows steadily weaker until it is submerged by outside enemies, and eventually disappears.

==Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (Quigley, Carroll)

Hillary-Clinton-Pig-34510 (1)Hillary Clinton is more than corrupt, she is pure evil. She is a criminal who, like her “husband”, believes she is not only above the law, but that the laws of this nation, the natural laws of moral and ethical constraints and any of the core requirements of a citizen of America let alone of civilization–are totally inapplicable to her. She should be in jail, her husband should be in jail–as should almost the entire political class of this rapidly decaying empire we call America. But nothing will be done because the people of this land have become so brainwashed, so docile and controlled that we will simply move along down the narrowing pathway to our own slaughter.

Hope will not save this nation. Nor will America be redirected from the road we are clearly trodding down, at a alarmingly accelerating rate, through the existing political system that has become thoroughly corrupted. Only collective action will end the oncoming nightmare of an authoritarian, total surveillance police state. Collective action under the tutelage of those who understood the power of nonviolent civil disobedience, men like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Unfortunately, most Americans are either beyond redemption, totally blinded by the propaganda, the lies and illusions drummed into their heads from cradle to grave or so dependent on the State for their very survival that there is little willpower left to rebel. Thus we must rely on the coming socioeconomic chaos of the inevitable systemic collapse.

All empires end, some end uglier than others, but they all end. The American fascist, crony-capitalist empire is in its death throes, but most of us cannot see it. This empires death carries with it, however, an entire civilization that has been built through consecutive empires from the Napoleonic, the British to the American. There is no replacement, no transitional “Western”empire in the wings. We die, the risk of all of western civilization may die with us. It is, unfortunately, going to get very, very ugly for a number of years, but from chaos emerges order and whether that order is one built on the pillar of individual freedom or of collectivist tyranny will depend on each of us and our progeny. Learn the truth about America, our rulers and corporate elites. From this knowledge we will have hope for a better long term future, no matter how difficult the present becomes. There will be a future, what it looks like depends on us.

WASHINGTON — In 2012, congressional investigators asked the State Department for a wide range of documents related to the attack on the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The department eventually responded, furnishing House committees with thousands of documents.

Hillary-Clinton-as-the-Joker--60375crBut it turns out that that was not everything.

The State Department had not searched the email account of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton because she had maintained a private account, which shielded it from such searches, department officials acknowledged on Tuesday.

It was only last month that the House committee appointed to investigate Benghazi was provided with about 300 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails related to the attacks. That was shortly after Mrs. Clinton turned over, at the State Department’s request, some 50,000 pages of government-related emails that she had kept on her private account.

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‘Yes or no?’ Reporters grill Earnest: ‘Does the White House believe Hillary Clinton broke the law?’ – BizPac Review.