Your Poop Is the Latest Privacy Threat – D-brief

sniff-sniff-realI throw many a scatological rampage against this administration, in fact against the entire edifice of our supposed democratic Leviathan. I also believe very deeply, in my gut so to speak, that the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan in America and around the world when the next, totally inevitable, economic downturn and associated if not causal, financial market collapse comes sniffing around. With two Labradoodles to pick up after, I can also say that I am one hell of backyard de-pooper. However, it would appear the government may have topped this by many, many leagues.

I know that dogs gather enormous amounts of intelligence about the fellow canines they happen to meet on the road by a good sniff in the rear, even to what their hopefully friendly fellow pooch ate for dinner, but it is reasonable to assume that if the government decided to start snooping around the figurative outhouses of America, it would be an understatement to say they were carrying the total surveillance police state a tad too far, no?

Be careful who you trust with that stool sample; it could be used to identify you. Researchers say they’ve found a way to tell people apart based on the population of bacteria in their poop. They say it works about 86 percent of the time, at least among a relatively small group of test subjects.Your Personal Ecosystem the human body is home to a thriving ecosystem of microorganisms called the microbiome. Bacteria and yeast live all over the skin, around the eyes, and in the nose, mouth, and intestines. In fact, the bacteria living in and on your body outnumber your cells 10 to 1, and they account for about two percent of your total body mass.

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