Zika Heil! Zika Heil!!

‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ Alice remarked.

‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat. ‘We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’ ‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.

‘You must be,” said the Cat. ‘or you wouldn’t have come here.’

Today’s elite objectives for social communication emphasize the cradle-to-grave seductions of consumerism and, at least for the moment, public rituals that reproduce a self-blinding and self-binding ideology that is transferable from one generation to the next.

Much of the scientific output in the field since the 1950s has focused on devising means for elites to manage the ideology and public opinion of masses of people who are largely disenfranchised from democratic decision making. The dominant paradigm of the field, so to speak, has long been a paradigm of domination. Many of these preconceptions remain central to the work of major media, universities, intelligence, and propaganda specialists, and other knowledge-based enterprises today.

In Science of Coercion, Simpson reveals how the leading figures in the academic field of communication research—the “founding fathers” of the field, if you will—were working (often surreptitiously) with the highest echelons of the US military and intelligence services to coordinate and develop propaganda

==Science of Coercion: Communication Research & Psychological Warfare, 1945–1960 (Simpson, Christopher)

Over and over again the same formula of fear generation over manufactured crisis is used by the power elites to manipulate and control the American population. Crisis response reinstates the government’s increasingly questioned legitimacy and reallocates the people’s money to pad the pockets of favored industries. Fear is one of the bedrocks of tyranny.

Nothing is as it is portrayed to the public thru the propaganda platforms of our nation’s corporate media. Americans are manipulated everyday to the point where their very thoughts are totally indistinguishable from the scientifically designed methods of mind control that excrete from every orifice of the elite controlled system of public opinion generation. Creating the perception  of emergent crises  that requires the imposition of a costly solutions, in many cases, solutions that are not vetted by the public or as in the case of the Zika virus, potentially pose far greater risks than the dangers the government seeks to mitigate.

Why is the CDC allocating almost half of the supposedly needed funds requested from Congress to study whether the Zika  virus is, in fact, a danger at all or if there is any causal relationship to microcephaly? The Zika virus is not new, it has been around for many years with no indication of the virus being the cause of shrunken baby head syndrome. There is substantially more evidence of the dangerous health effects of the chemicals now being sprayed on the people of Florida than on the presumed and overhyped deleterious issues being assigned to Zika.

There are 25,000 cases of babies being born with microcephaly in the United States every single year that are not, and never have been, associated with the Zika virus. Population adjusted, the cases of microcephaly in Brazil relative to America should be well over 3X the less than 5,000 cases reported this year. The question should actually be, why are there 25,000 cases in the United States that clearly have nothing to do with the much maligned virus that only impacts with cold like symptoms less than 20% of those briefly infected. What chemicals being used in this country have generated incidences of microcephaly that are many times those in Brazil? Of course, the ultimate question is why has the government/media/healthcare complex created a crisis that very likely is fraudulent in the first place.

As is always the case, the answer lies not in the stars but with a system of control and profit seeking that is unrestrained by the rule of law or moral and ethical constraint. Who is benefiting financially and what is the real intent of the government that is now engaged in crisis response, a response that clearly carries risks to the American public far greater than even the overblown, media hyped dangers of the Zika virus. The American people consistently respond in the same manner to these contrived crisis, just like the war on terror, we are being manipulated for profit and to ends within the control system that only a few truly know. Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as we are led to believe. The Zika scare serves a purpose, some will get even richer and many will become the guinea pigs of the State.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has an undisclosed financial interest in a Zika mosquito control company in which his wife, Florida First Lady Ann Scott, owns a multi-million dollar stake through a private investment firm she co-owns.

The company is Mosquito Control Services LLC of Metairie, LA. According to its web site, MCS “is a fully certified team of mosquito control experts – licensed throughout the Gulf Coast, including Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.”

On June 23, Gov. Scott signed an executive order allocating $26.2 million in state emergency funds for Zika preparedness, including “mosquito surveillance and abatement, training for mosquito control technicians and enhanced laboratory capacity.”

It is not known whether MCS, whose services include monitoring and aerial spraying, stands to benefit from Florida government funds. Company manager Steven Pavlovich holds an active Florida “public health applicator” license with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services through April 2019, but MCS is not a registered state vendor. The Department of Health contracts with two other two mosquito control vendors.

MCS did not respond to two requests for comment.

Gov. Scott’s undisclosed interest in Zika mosquito control firm | Florida Bulldog

So What Became of the $1.9 Billion for Zika?

On Feb. 22, 2016, the White House submitted to the U.S. Congress a $1.9 billion emergency supplemental appropriations request from the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for fiscal year (FY) 2016 for “preparedness efforts” related to the Zika virus.1

Funding would support immediate response activities to prevent the spread of, prepare for, and respond to Zika virus transmission; fortify domestic public health systems to prevent, detect, and respond to Zika virus transmission; speed research, development, and procurement of vaccines, therapeutics,  and diagnostics; provide emergency assistance to States and the U.S. Territories to combat the virus; provide additional Federal Medicaid funding in Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories for health services for pregnant women at risk of infection or diagnosed with Zika virus, and for children with microcephaly, and for other health care costs; and enhance the ability of Zika-affected countries to better combat mosquitoes, control transmission, and support affected populations.1

 The supplemental funds included $828 million for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to  perform    research to understand  the “clinical and epidemiological patterns to make [the causal connection    between Zika and    microcephaly] definitive.”2

Conceptual shot of zika vaccine with syringe and stethoscopeSo, let’s pause here briefly. The U.S. government laid out a proposal to spend $1.9 billion on activities—including buying or developing vaccines—to combat Zika before knowing for sure if the virus, in fact, posed a serious health threat to the American public—a virus that, for decades, has been known to be relatively harmless. The proposal was submitted to Congress just 10 days after the World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its Zika situation report, “No scientific evidence to date confirms a link between Zika virus and microcephaly…”3 At the time, even the CDC was saying, “Additional studies are needed to determine the degree to which Zika might be linked with microcephaly.”4 

So What Became of the 19 Billion for Zika

     Source: So What Became of the $1.9 Billion for Zika?

Zika is not yet proven to cause anything but a mild cold – but don’t let that stop the hysteria |

As Miami sprays Naled over its own populations, and GM mosquitoes are poised to be launched over parts of Florida, let’s pause to reflect on the sober realities about what we really know about Zika.

Before the sudden emergence of a media-campaign claiming links between Zika and microcephaly in infants born to infected women, no one had ever considered Zika to be worthy of comment. Discovered in 1947, in Africa, it was known as a largely benign organism that may cause mild flu-like symptoms in 20% of those infected (the other 80% will be symptomless)

So, why the sudden hysteria? Why the travel-warnings, the mass-spraying programs, the dire warnings? Is it because Zika has now been found to be a serious threat to human health? Not at all. If you look beyond the screaming media headlines you’ll see there is as yet no proven causal connection between Zika and microcephaly at all.

Zika is not yet proven to cause anything but a mild cold but don’t let that stop then hysteria

Source: Zika is not yet proven to cause anything but a mild cold – but don’t let that stop the hysteria | OffGuardian

Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis, cancer and death

Many Floridians are apparently in panic mode over the possibility of contracting Zika virus, with new reports indicating that municipalities throughout the Miami area are busying spraying insecticide over neighborhoods day in and day out to quell public fears. But the insecticide they’re using, known as “Naled,” is an organophosphate chemical that, ironically enough, is linked to the very same symptoms and health outcomes as Zika itself.

CBS Miami reported just the other day that the popular Miami neighborhood of Wynwood, an artsy tourist destination, is seeing planes regularly spray Naled over homes, businesses and parks. People just aren’t coming to Wynwood anymore because they’re scared of getting bitten by a mosquito that might be harboring Zika, so public health officials are resorting to carpet-bombing the area with chemicals, with the hope of bringing folks back to the downtown business district, which is quickly becoming a ghost town.

Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis cancer and death

Source: Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis, cancer and death – NaturalNews.com

Zika virus: Floridians fear ‘Pandora’s box’ of genetically altered mosquitoes

Scientists say Key Haven is the ‘perfect’ island for releasing the genetically modified insects – but locals refuse to be ‘lab rats’ in FDA-cleared experiment

3872 (1)

Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis cancer and death

Source: Zika virus: Floridians fear ‘Pandora’s box’ of genetically altered mosquitos | World news | The Guardian

ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured

From the very first day Zika hysteria was catapulted into mass awareness, I have correctly called it a massive hoax. My most recently article spells out the real agenda behind the obvious quackery of Zika hysteria. It’s entitled Staged Zika pandemic was engineered by globalist governments to justify the aerial bombardment of awakening populations with toxic chemicals.

Now, the Zika fraud has started to unravel as the Zika doomsday predictions failed to materialize. (How could the predictions be correct in the first place? It was all based on infectious disease quackery and viral voodoo.) “Brazil’s Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the cluster of babies born with brain defects linked to the Zika virus, after an expected ‘explosion’ of cases across the country did not occur,” reports The Globe and Mail (Canada).

Source: ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured – NaturalNews.com

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the cluster of babies born with brain defects linked to the Zika virus, after an expected “explosion” of cases across the country did not occur.

The bulk of the cases of congenital Zika syndrome – fetal brain defects that sometimes cause microcephaly, or abnormally small skulls – remain clustered in the northeast region of the country where the phenomenon was first identified last October, the ministry says.

And that has epidemiologists and infectious disease experts asking what is going on: Is it Zika and another virus working together that damages the fetal brains? Is it Zika and an environmental factor? Or something about the women themselves whose fetuses are affected?

The research in Brazil won’t have conclusions for months, but will have implications across the Americas, where the Brazilian experience and the rapid spread of Zika has caused governments to take protective measures and even warn women to delay getting pregnant.

Staged Zika pandemic was engineered by globalist governments to justify the aerial bombardment

Pregnant women to serve as human guinea pigs for experimental Zika vaccine

Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a brand new vaccine – in just seven days, believe it or not – that they claim is capable of treating everything from Ebola and H1N1 influenza, to the newest villain on the block: the Zika virus that’s on everyone’s minds as the 2016 Summer Olympics in mosquito-ridden Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, rapidly approaches.

Omar Khan, a chemical engineer who helped conduct research into the new vaccine, says it uses messenger RNA, or mRNA, to provoke an immune response in the body. mRNA is a special type of genetic material that’s responsible for manufacturing proteins in cells, which can be customized and coded to target a variety of illnesses. And according to experts, it’s already been shown to have a 100 percent success rate in mice.

Here’s $49,577,386 That Could Have Gone to Zika Relief


The National Institutes of Health has spent more on exercise programs for refugees, anti-tobacco video games, weight-loss programs for truckers, and studies on gay hook up apps than it has to fight the Zika virus.

The Department of Health and Human Services is warning that its funding to fight the Zika virus in the United States will be exhausted by September, sending a letter to Congress this week saying “additional funding is needed.” HHS has so far received $374 million for domestic Zika relief, including $47 million specifically for the NIH.

However, the Washington Free Beacon has uncovered $49,577,386 worth of questionable NIH studies since the Zika epidemic began in the beginning of 2015.

The projects include everything from studying how drunk men look at women to teaching 11-year-old Kenyans how to use condoms.

Many of the studies involve behavioral research into obesity, including the now $3,531,925 study into why a majority of lesbians are obese while gay men generally are not, which concluded that gay men have a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men. The project is slated to receive additional funding this year.

Source: Here’s $49,577,386 That Could Have Gone to Zika Relief

Zika-killing mutant mosquitos approved by FDA

-Zika Virus Psyop Back In the News- CDC Now Claims Scarier Than We Initially Thought

CDC admits most people self-immunize against Zika virus no vaccine required

Autism brain and CNS disorders overwhelmingly linked to people in close proximity to pesticide spraying

An aerial insecticide spraying campaign began at dawn this morning in Florida to kill mosquitoes that might be infected with the zika virus. The spray will cover a 10-mile area in Miami. Health officials claim the the chemical to be sprayed, an organophosphate neurotoxin called Naled, is “safe” to breathe and no one really needs to take any special measures while they are being sprayed like bugs (although it has been “recommended” that people with allergies stay inside).

While health officials still have yet to find a mosquito actually carrying the virus in Miami, 15 people have reportedly been diagnosed with zika there, mostly concentrated in the north downtown Miami area, and officials claim to have ruled out transmission via other means such as travel or sexual intercourse.

On Monday, Gov. Rick Scott asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to activate a CDC Emergency Response Team (CERT) to continue going door-to-door to collect urine samples in a sort of zika martial law exercise. The activation call coincided with the CDC announcing an unprecedented travel warning urging pregnant women to avoid the area in Miami where zika-infected people started popping up. It’s unprecedented because this kind of martial law behavior, including the travel warnings, wasn’t even remotely shown during the Ebola psyop, and Ebola is a lot more deadly than zika.

Pregnant woman should avoid the area anyway, because according to the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides factsheet on Naled, studies have shown that exposure of pregnant animals to for just three days during brain development resulted in 15% smaller brains in their babies, and an increase in aggressiveness and memory deterioration. Naled also happens to be 20 times more toxic when exposure occurs due to inhalation of Naled-contaminated air versus ingestion. Symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches and nausea to diarrhea.

Naled has also caused pancreatic cancer and leukemia in lab tests. Naled has been found to be especially damaging to the nervous system. Naled’s inert ingredients include Napthaline, classified by the EPA as a “possible human carcinogen,” and 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, a nervous system depressant. In addition, it breaks down into dichlorvos, and two independent studies (here and here) have shown an increase in pediatric brain cancers when children are exposed to dichlorvos versus when they are not.

When the CDC recommended spraying it in Puerto Rico, people there protested for concerns it would have detrimental effects on the environment, including residents’ health and local agriculture.

As Activist Post’s Bernie Suarez has previously reported, it still has not been proven that microcephaly — a birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and the new big concern from zika — is even officially caused by zika. All evidence thus far is entirely circumstantial, as even Director-General Maraget Chan of the World Health Organization has gone on the record to state. In fact, decades of scientific literature show zika is largely benign.

One has to wonder if this entire thing is a psyop as others have previously reported… our officials are going to an awful lot of trouble, demanding urine samples door-to-door and spraying everyone like bugs, for a virus that Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan.com points out “is not necessarily life threatening” anyway. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the GM mosquitoes purposefully released over Florida to combat Dengue feveraren’t dying off the way they were supposed to?

Source: Florida to Spray Residents Like Bugs over Zika — with a Chemical that Ironically Reduces Fetal Brain Size in Studies | The Daily Sheeple